How to deploy Docusign simply and efficiently

how to deploy Docusign simply and efficiently

If you're newly signed up for the Docusign Agreement Cloud™, here are some simple steps to follow so that you deploy Docusign simply and efficiently. The Docusign Agreement Cloud can digitally transform how you do business via contracts and other types of agreements. It can accelerate and simplify how you prepare, sign, act and manage those agreements. While every organisation already has a system of agreement, many are still suffering because of inefficient processes.

This article will help you uncover the steps you need to take to deliver a smooth Docusign deployment experience for your customers and employees and create efficient processes for your business. The Knowledge Market is here to help your company navigate the deployment of Docusign.

There's a document entitled ‘Docusign Policies & Procedures Design Worksheet’ that is designed to address the policies and procedures you need to put in place when deploying.

Here are some tips for a smooth onboarding process:

Start with your core policies

  • Think about who your Docusign users are and define what they can do within your Docusign environment. Consider how you will manage/control that access in a streamlined way.
  • Organise the usage of your Docusign Account and set up your Docusign Account Settings, ensuring they are agreed by Legal and Compliance.
  • Define any processes that your Docusign users should follow to comply with Legal or Compliance.

Consider your ancillary policies

    • Set up your support process to ensure your Docusign users have sufficient support to help them triage and resolve any issues they encounter.
    • Create a training programme for employees who will use Docusign.
    • Consider your reporting requirements and who needs to view those reports.
    • Construct a process to manage document storage and scope archival needs in advance. Those needs can impact how a use case should be built.
    • Consider who will be responsible for building and maintaining templates.You may have multiple use cases in mind for Docusign.
    • Devise a process to organise those use cases into a roadmap, then prioritise and add more as they arise.

Start by identifying the key players and how they will help deploy your Docusign use cases effectively. You will need an internal communications strategy in place to introduce Docusign methodically. You should also arrange for regular check-ins on the overall programme which are critical to long term success.

The Knowledge Market is a complementary tool that can help you address each leg of the digital transformation journey. It will help you create a blueprint for successful deployment and revolutionise the way your business reaches an agreement. Get started here.