Extended partnership between Salesforce and Docusign enables contract management in Slack

Salesforce and Docusign today announced an expansion of their global strategic partnership to build new joint solutions that make it easier for customers to accelerate how agreements are facilitated around the world. New innovations will automate the contract process with AI-based, smart solutions that improve the customer experience of preparing, signing, and managing agreements, drive faster ROI, and increase collaboration amongst organisations with Slack functionality.

New innovations

Companies must maximise productivity and collaboration in an all-digital, work-from-anywhere world. Salesforce and Slack enable organisations to build their digital HQ by improving employee collaboration both internally and externally with customers and partners – no matter where, when, or how they work. 

Salesforce and Docusign today announced an expansion of their global strategic partnership to build new joint solutions

Salesforce's expanded partnership with Docusign will offer new ways to make it easier to prepare contracts, quotes, and invoices, track and enforce contract terms, and manage the entire contract lifecycle management (CLM) process efficiently across Docusign, Salesforce, and Slack platforms. New applications will be jointly designed and developed natively in Salesforce Customer 360:

  • Agreement collaboration with Docusign and Slack platforms: This integration aims to accelerate the broader agreement collaboration process for customers, right from within Slack. New workflows will notify teams on agreement progress and action items, enabling them to work quickly to review, edit, monitor, and execute agreements, without ever leaving their digital HQ. Docusign eSignature for Slack is available now; Docusign CLM for Slack will be available in 2022.  
  • Docusign Gen for Salesforce Billing: Customers can close, bill, and recognize revenue faster through branded invoices, directly inside Salesforce Billing, with configurable templates. Customers can also schedule batch invoice generation and delivery, or generate an invoice on-demand, driving more on-time payments and fewer customer service issues. Docusign Gen for Salesforce Billing is available now  
  • Docusign Gen for Salesforce CPQ Plus: Customers can automatically generate professional, customizable agreements from Salesforce with just a few clicks. The entire process can be configured and controlled from Salesforce, saving customers time, eliminating errors, and speeding up the path to revenue. Docusign Gen for Salesforce CPQ Plus is available now.  
  • Docusign CLM for Salesforce Field Service: Customers will be able to automate Obligation Management by tracking, enforcing, and updating key contract terms across departments. Obligations and terms from contracts executed via Docusign CLM, such as warranties and service level agreements (SLAs), can be mapped into Service Cloud contract objects. This will enable smarter and more automated service experiences, and efficient service contract execution. Docusign CLM for Salesforce Field Service will be available in 2022.

"Our partnership with Docusign allows customers to succeed in the all-digital, work-from-anywhere world," said Ryan Aytay, Chief Business Officer, Salesforce. "Together, we're enabling our customers to streamline business contract workflows, reduce costs, and increase productivity in the new digital HQ."

"Salesforce has been an essential partner for more than a decade, as our joint customers have been transforming their business digitally. As we deepen our partnership, we're excited to offer customers new ways to solve emerging challenges from anywhere by bringing their agreement processes and agreement intelligence into the Customer 360," said Scott Olrich, COO, Docusign.

For more detail on the partnership, please visit https://www.docusign.com/solutions/salesforce.

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