A Conversation with Dr. Jane Goodall: Reducing Our Footprint

From the very beginning, environmental sustainability has been an important part of the Docusign story. Our core eSignature product alone has replaced billions of pieces of paper, along with the waste, water, carbon, and wood required to make that paper. This core strength—along with our belief that Docusign has an important role in creating a low-carbon, sustainable future—led us to launch Docusign for Forests alongside Dr. Jane Goodall in 2019. 

Docusign for Forests includes financial and pro bono support for nonprofit organisations protecting the world’s forest, an environmental impact calculator in our core eSignature product, and our goal of achieving carbon neutral operations - with both emissions reductions and investments in forest-based solutions and renewable energy. Through our efforts, our hope is that we can be a net “positive” in addressing the climate crisis.

We’d like to share this next installment of our CEO Dan Springer’s conversation with Dr. Jane Goodall focused on the urgent need for emissions reductions and the importance of both protecting existing forests and planting more trees to ensure a sustainable future for all. 

Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE, is the founder of the Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace.

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