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Docusign results for pharmaceutical companies

12 of the 15 largest global pharmaceutical companies use Docusign

University of California San Francisco

“For a company of this size, the only option was to have an electronic workflow. Signing up and filling out consent forms digitally with Docusign was essential to the company's mission. "  Allison Fiscalini, Director of the Athena Breast Health Network at UCSF

UCSF has partnered with Docusign and Salesforce to create a secure and user-friendly online portal to meet recruitment goals of 100,000 participants.

Boston Scientific

  • $ 4.4 million in savings
  • 0 Documentation good practice errors
  • 6 automated steps to complete the active release form
  • 78% faster process on average

Boehringer Ingelheim

“Docusign has transformed our contracting processes globally at Boehringer Ingelheim. Starting with our legal department, Docusign quickly became our most trusted technology platform, which is now in use in over 80 countries in just two years. "  Helga Susmeyer, AD, Global eSignature Solution Boehringer Ingelheim


"85% of our Docusign documents are processed in less than a day." AstraZeneca

Increase efficiency and accelerate the time to market of drugs

The pressure to get drugs to market more quickly has increased as the industry faces the constant challenges of rising marketing costs, stiffer competition and impending patent expiration. The development of new drugs is a long, slow, and regulated process, but it has the potential to bring a new drug to market that can save lives and increase revenues. By modernizing the tuning processes that are everywhere in life science companies, drugs and life-saving devices can be brought to market faster and business processes can be done smarter.

Reduce the length and costs of the drug development cycle

Reduce manual steps and operate more efficiently by removing paper from the equation, improving turnaround time and document completion rates. The manual formalities required throughout the process of value chains are heavily regulated to ensure product safety and can be a challenge for life science companies that must manage the forms and agreements required by the MHRA, FDA and other regulatory bodies. Docusign can digitise key shapes throughout the drug development phase to reduce lead times by easily obtaining signatures and automated workflows without errors.

Simplify compliance and reduce regulatory risk

At every stage of drug development, agreements and processes must be monitored, validated and shared with regulatory agencies like the MHRA and FDA. By automating and connecting systems with digital forms (instead of paper), consolidating agreements in one central location, and easily verifying regulatory compliance using digital audit trails, businesses can 'save time and money and reduce risk exposure.

Improve the patient registration experience

The clinical trial process relies on efficient patient recruitment. By speeding up and making long and complicated processes like recruiting for clinical trials faster and more intuitive, life science organisations can free up time for more meaningful and valuable interactions with patients and healthcare professionals. Access a larger, mobile patient with fully digital trial recruitment and e-consents. 

Eliminate barriers to sales

A simple sales process can influence the perception of a brand of a pharmaceutical company by a healthcare provider. Tedious paperwork and manual workflows give sales reps minimal time to nurture key relationships and foster a sense of loyalty. Pharmaceutical representatives, for example, often spend weeks building a key relationship with a thought leader due to ineffective paper-based compliance and disclosure requirements. By making the agreement process digital and efficient, the turnaround time can be reduced to a few days, giving representatives more time to partner with new thought leaders and providers to focus on their patients.  

Docusign Agreement Cloud for Pharmaceutical Companies

Docusign Agreement Cloud for Pharmaceutical Companies helps pharmaceutical organisations strive to get drugs to market faster instead of paperwork. From drug discovery and development to clinical trials to manufacturing and commercialisation, Docusign customers are digitally transforming the many processes that require agreements or signatures. The result is increased employee productivity, a better patient experience throughout clinical trials, stronger relationships with healthcare providers, and faster time to market for new treatments.

eSignature Accelerate signature acquisition through automated workflows and encrypt all documents and data in transit and at rest, with access to traceability, tamper-evident audit trail and exportable certificate of completion. Learn everything you need to know about eSignature.

21 CFR Part 11 Module and Validator for Life Sciences Meet electronic records and signatures requirements for 21 CFR Part 11 in the United States, European Union, Japan and other countries . Simplify validation testing and documentation with reports containing screenshots of internal Docusign testing, details of the service tested and results.

Docusign Insight Find and analyse the clauses of your agreements using artificial intelligence. See how our customer Maersk is using and benefitting from Docusign Insight.

Identify Securely verify the identity of signatories before they access an agreement by analyzing the security features of government photo ID cards and European electronic ID cards and comparing the name on the the agreement with the name appearing on the identity card. Learn more about digital identity in the UK.

CLM Streamline the entire contract lifecycle process - accelerating the pace of business and improving the employee and customer experience through the automation of signature workflows, redlining and version control. Document generation and a central repository make it easy to prepare, modify and store contracts. Discover more about Docusign CLM.

Integrations Easily integrate Docusign into your existing tools with over 350 preinstalled integrations, such as Oracle, Salesforce, Workday, Box, and Microsoft. Find out more about Docusign integrations

Examples of use cases

  • Clinical operations
  • Informed patient consent
  • Registration for clinical trials
  • Forms for investigators (1572)
  • Manufacturing / quality
  • Electronic batch records
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Quality agreements
  • Marketing
  • Pre-market notification
  • Label change requests
  • Sale and service of medical devices
  • Patient engagement
  • Patient assistance documents
  • Patient portals
  • Sales contracts
  • Conformity
  • Training and approvals
  • Programmes for opinion leaders