Achieve faster contract turnaround with Docusign eSignature

Do you want to achieve faster contract turnaround times? If you’re spending too much time waiting for contracts to be signed, it could be because you are still relying on wet signatures. Using a handwritten signature in your contract process can delay the time it takes to sign a contract considerably. Switching to Docusign eSignature can rapidly accelerate the speed of signing and give you faster turnaround times. In fact, when agreements are sent using Docusign eSignature, up to 80% of them are completed in less than a day and 44% in less than 15 minutes. 

How does Docusign eSignature accelerate contract speed?

  • You can send an electronic document using Docusign eSignature from almost any device 24/7. Using eSignature makes it so much easier to get your contracts to all the recipients that need to sign. It’s also speedier than printing a document, getting it in the post and waiting for it to be delivered. Your recipients will get the contract in an instant. 
  • When your recipients get access to the contract they need to sign, they can simply open and review their agreement and sign it online. They can access and sign the contract on their mobile device too. You can even alert your customers via text as well as an email to let them know that their document has arrived. This level of convenience encourages recipients to sign quickly as they don’t need to print anything, use the post or use a courier service. Customers appreciate the simplicity of the whole experience. 
  • Docusign eSignature is simple and easy to use. First-time electronic signature users may have some questions which are easily resolved. Here’s a guide of 5 things to tell first-time electronic signature users.  
  • Are your team or your customers currently working remotely? Using eSignature, your recipients can sign from anywhere. They don’t need to wait until they return to the office, and there are no problems with contracts being delivered to the incorrect location or getting lost in transit.
  • Docusign eSignature allows you to easily check the status of contracts. You can identify who has received the contract and where they are in the signing process. You can set up automatic reminders and notifications at every step of the contract signing process to ensure the contract is completed.
  • Docusign eSignature integrates with the tools and systems you already use. For example, if your sales team uses Salesforce, you can send a contract directly from Salesforce, streamlining the whole sales process. You can also send contracts directly from Google Docs. This integration provides visibility of contracts from the system they are already using. 

How have other Docusign customers achieved faster contract turnaround?

Hundreds of thousands of organisations have adopted Docusign eSignature to accelerate their contract signing flow. Here are some examples:


Santander, along with the Docusign Customer Success team, designed a signing workflow that allows multiple people to collaborate on and sign the same document simultaneously. This improved the existing process radically. Using Docusign eSignature, and Docusign CLM, the time it takes a customer to open an account with Santander has reduced by 87%. 


Specsavers has a joint venture partnership model with opticians, and each Specsavers store is its own legal entity. When it is time to file financial records, every store has to file with regulatory authorities. Legal and senior executives at Specsavers have to sign off all records, which was previously done with paper and posted with Royal Mail which took weeks or months. The process has been digitised with Docusign eSignature, and it takes just 3-4 minutes to receive signatures from executives. Discover more Docusign Customer Stories.

What are the other benefits of Docusign eSignature?

In addition to faster contract turnaround time, using Docusign eSignature brings many benefits: 

  • Saving paper

Using less paper can help to reduce costs, and of course, it’s better for the environment. Discover more about the benefits of going paperless

  • Security

Docusign uses the most robust data encryption technologies available and meets stringent global security standards. 

  • Legally Binding

Docusign eSignature complies with EU and UK regulations, even after Brexit. Discover more about the impact of Brexit on electronic signature legality.

Using Docusign eSignature helps thousands of organisations do business faster, simpler, greener and more cost-effectively, and Docusign is the leading electronic signature supplier. Start your free trial.