Using Docusign in Real Estate: Customer experience

For most people, dealing with real estate agents can be stressful. Whether they're changing rentals, buying a house for the first time, or selling the family home - it’s a big moment in a customer’s life. So anything you can do to ease that stress will go a long way in the customer's eyes and boost your reputation as an agent.

The integration of Docusign into REI Forms Live is transforming the customer experience. By modernising paper-based processes, real estate agents can quickly and easily streamline the customer experience and reduce the stress associated with filling out error-prone and slow paper-based agreements. Instead of waiting for contracts to arrive in the post, or expecting customers to come into the office to sign, it’s now possible to send real estate agreements quickly and securely  using Docusign.  In fact, Docusign enables you to complete property transactions end-to-end, online.

In this Q&A with Tom Hector from Harris Real Estate, the benefits to the customer that come with digitisation are clearly articulated. As Tom says, “Our value proposition lies in the customer experience. Our customers are generally time-poor and can do without the hassle of coming in to sign documents, or printing and scanning them from home.”

Harris Real Estate is clearly putting the customer experience front and centre; and is using Docusign to deliver on its goals. Tom says that Docusign has transformed the customer experience: “We’re using Docusign integrated with REI Forms LIVE to complete and send contracts without needing a physical, printed copy. It has fundamentally improved the way we prepare, sign and manage agreements and made the process much easier for customers. They can sign contracts electronically from any device and most do that straight away. If they don’t, we can check Docusign to see if the contract was received, and then phone them to address any questions or concerns.”

Are real estate customers ready for Docusign?

Yes, they are. Today’s tech-savvy customers turn to businesses that embrace technology and make life easier for them. The real estate industry is no different. Customers want the ability to transact in timely and convenient ways; not with paper and ink. And not with printing, signing and scanning, either.

As Greg Troughton, Chief Executive Officer at the Real Estate Institute of South Australia (REISA), says, “Customers expect more timely communication and don’t want to wait a week for paperwork to be sent through the post or even email. Legislation and compliance practice have dictated to the profession, as well as customers, the way it had to be done up until this point – now the consumer is in charge, and demanding convenience!”

It’s clear that renters, buyers and sellers are ready and willing to embrace digital contracts, and it’s up to the realtors to deliver.

How does Docusign enhance the customer experience?

The integration of Docusign with REI Forms Live means that all standard real estate forms can be digitised, streamlining the workflow for contracts and lease renewals. Agreements can be sent via email to relevant parties; and recipients have the option to sign them either electronically or with wet ink – giving them choice and convenience.

Docusign significantly speeds up the to-and-fro process of real estate contract signing, reducing the frustration and stress that is often felt by customers who are keen to get the job done and move into their new homes. Contracts are signed faster, they are secure, and the process aligns with customers’ expectations for how things get done in this digital era.

Watch this video from Tom Hector at Harris Real Estate and discover how Docusign and REI Forms Live is enabling Tom provide a great customer experience and increase their sales with 65%.

For further assistance with set-up, visit REI FORMS LIVE support.

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