Unlock your small businesses true potential by removing paper

Australian small businesses are the engine room of this economy. They employ around 4.5 million people and produce over $330billion of our nation’s annual economic output. And these numbers are only growing. Between 2013 and2014 a further 280,000 small businesses were started.

This continued growth in the small business sector represents a major opportunity for digital innovation. While these businesses are unshackled from the bureaucracy of big business, they are arguably more susceptible to inefficiencies.

I recently published an article on Inside Small Business titled Remove paper to unlock the value within your small business which highlights the top four reasons why business owners should remove paper from their operations.  These reasons are as follows:

  1. Immediate removal of hard costs

At Docusign, we find the average customer savings from implementing Docusign eSignature is about $48 per document. However, it can be much more. When Colin Biggers & Paisley implemented our eSignature technology it had a raw cost saving of $85,000 in total.

  1. Quicken the pace of business reap the revenue

85 per cent of transactions processed on our platform are completed in one day or less, and 62 per cent in 60 minutes or less. Faster signing cycle leads to better client experience, higher referral volume and increased internal productivity.

  1. Customers expect digital experience

eSignature technology enhances customer experience by allowing them to securely interact and transact with your business digitally- on any device, at any time. Happy customers are stickier customers.

  1. Improve employee productivity

Just as customers expect digital experiences so do employees. In the war for talent, a truly digital organisation stands out from the crowd. Moreover, removing paper reduces time intensive admin such as manual processing, scanning and filing – with the right tools, employees can improve productivity and focus on more meaningful work.

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