The perks of being a DocuSigner

Ever wondered what it’s like to work at Docusign? (Hint: it’s awesome.) Want to know what floats our employees’ boats and gets them doing the work of their life?

Before we explore why Docusign is such a great place to work, let’s recap on why it matters. We’ve spoken before about how the employee experience is just as important, if not more so, than the customer experience. Treating your employees well and making them feel valued is one of the most strategically important things you can do in business. Just like bad moods are contagious, positive moods are too – if your staff are bopping about the office spreading good vibes, these vibes will pass on to your customers.

The Docusign vibe

According to Jacinta Harding, our Manager of Talent Acquisition for APAC and Japan, what makes Docusign great is the open sharing of ideas. “At Docusign, everyone has the chance to be heard. It’s an environment that encourages openness,” she says.

“One of the traits I look for when I hire – and what you will see in every employee in our office – is passion. People love working here because they strongly believe that we are making a huge impact on organisations, individuals and the communities in which we live.

“Since Docusign opened in 2003, we have helped hundreds of people around the world replace over 20 billion pieces of paper and, in the process, preserve over 2.5 million trees. It’s very fulfilling working for a company that has such a positive impact on the environment.”

Powerful stuff indeed. And it proves itself time and again, with Docusign employees clocking up an impressive 45% referral rate. Internally, 10% of the business was promoted in the last quarter, and 40% of the team are promoted on an annual basis. People truly do love working here.

Perks at work

The supportive environment at Docusign is nurtured from the top. Docusign CEO Dan Springer is an incredible leader, and we have recently been voted top 3 place to work and top 2 tech company for 2020 by Glassdoor.

On the ground, employees enjoy a range of perks that help them to be their best. Things like three days of paid leave each year to volunteer with chosen charities; and health and wellness allowances for gym memberships, yoga and more. There’s an industry-leading parental leave program; plus an education assistance program that helps employees develop new skills.

It’s all about helping people do the work of their life – whatever that means to them. It might be climbing the corporate ladder, achieving better work-life balance, making an impact or some other goal. By nurturing employees and recognising their differences, everyone can be their best.

A growth mindset

 “Docusign is at an exciting stage in terms of its lifecycle. In APAC, we’re still small enough that it feels like a family. On global level, we’ve got a strong brand presence and trusted procedures to help guide our way,” says Harding. “Docusign was the pioneer of eSignatures, and we’re now innovating and expanding into exciting new areas. All employees are kept up to speed about the broader goals of the business – it’s a really positive environment to be a part of.”

This positivity is infectious, making Docusign a great place to work and a great company to do business with.

Interested in joining Docusign Australia and do the work of your life? Check out our job openings. Want to see more of the perks? Check out our benefits below. Get in touch, we’d love to talk more.