The secret to speeding up your business agreements

Imagine being able to create a business agreement on the way to a meeting, close the deal on the spot, or check any time whether a customer has signed your document yet. It’s all possible on your mobile device. 

A recent Deloitte report found that businesses that use mobile devices efficiently are more likely to improve their competitiveness.

Tom Hector from Harris Real Estate has experienced the benefits of mobility firsthand and says it’s easily helping the business increase sales from 180 to 300 per year.

One afternoon when Tom answered his phone on the way home from work, he was able to pull over and close a sale within minutes for a house in Adelaide, with the buyers in New Zealand and the vendor in Melbourne.

He simply rang the vendor, prepared the agreement and sent it to the purchaser. He was back on the road within minutes, the deal was done and contracts signed – all from Tom's and the buyer’s mobiles, using Docusign eSignature.

“In the past, that deal would never have taken place and I think that shows how much our industry is evolving. It’s a good place to be right now,” says Hector.

“We’re seeing the emergence of the mobile agent. You no longer need to be in the office to do your job, you can sell properties from anywhere and get the contract created, sent and signed with Docusign – even on the road,” he says.

Beyond contracts

This sort of shift to the mobility of cloud storage isn’t just for real estate agents, and it isn’t just for contracts – it helps businesses of all types to operate seamlessly while on the run.

Not only are you able to create documents and spreadsheets, record memos, store receipts safely and send invoices quickly,  you can also run high-level business operations.

Apps that tap into your business systems allow you to monitor progress of work by staff or contractors, check stock levels, order from suppliers and sign agreements including sales contracts, invoices, employment offers, loan documents and compliance checks. Managing projects is easier too with messaging apps that keep all team members communicating and up to date.

The payoff of digital agreements

Updating your technology along with your systems and processes takes a time investment, but it also has an immediate payoff. Efficiency is improved and productivity increased, and your customers, employees and suppliers will enjoy your smarter approach.

A recent study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Docusign, The Total Economic Impact™ of Docusign Australia, calculated the savings of using eSignatures:

  1. Admin and executive staff save an average of 81 minutes in agreement handling time.
  2. Sales professionals save an average of 22 minutes in agreement handling time.
  3. Businesses save an average of $14.21 per agreement when using an eSignature.

For Harris Real Estate, Tom Hector says it’s been nothing short of a “game-changer”. With more time to spend with clients, sales have increased from 180 to 300 a year.

Cost savings and productivity improvements aside, you will be able to keep your business running wherever you are and know that you’re in control.

For practical tips, tools and technology solutions to help you keep your business on-track wherever you are, download our ebook: ‘Make your business more mobile’.

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*Forrester research study commissioned by Docusign Australia, 2018