Signature Moments: Insights from our customers

Signatures are more than just a form of agreement. They mark important moments in our careers and our lives: an exciting new employment contract, a significant business decision, buying a house, signing a lease.

At Docusign, we call these ‘Signature Moments’, and we know from listening to our customers the impact these moments have on business, the customer experience and peoples’ lives. To share their stories, we recently hosted events in Melbourne and Sydney.

At the Sydney event on May 29 were three Australian business leaders with their own signature moments. Here’s a snapshot of their stories.

Sydney Customer Panel

David Carr - Manager Commercial Business Affairs, ABC

Docusign saves money and ensures opportunities aren’t missed

“My division was driven to electronic signatures by ABC budget cuts. We had a 30% reduction in staff but not workload. We wanted to make it more efficient to sign documents internally. By using Docusign we saved time as well as money on paper and toner.”

David experienced some initial resistance from within the organisation. “They thought they might lose their jobs,” he said, highlighting the importance of bringing your teams on board by explaining the advantages of eSignature, eg less time spent on mundane tasks, like standing at a printer for hours. Staff training was also provided.

“An example of Docusign’s usefulness is with an Australian band that’s big overseas. They were signed to our youth label. An international film company wanted to use one of their songs in a movie but they needed an answer within 24 hours. Two band members were in Berlin, one in Melbourne and one in LA. Using Docusign, the sync rights were signed within five minutes. Without eSignature capability, they would have lost that opportunity – and the revenue tied to the contract.”

Renata Cihelka - Chief Commercial Officer, Shift

Expect business growth but start small

Shift is a provider of credit and payments platforms that help businesses trade, pay and access funds. Formerly GetCapital, Shift offers seamless credit platforms with fast turn-around, often resulting in same-day credit approval and next-day funding. Two years ago, Shift started offering electronic signatures for loan agreements to further simplify the customer experience. “Until then, we interacted with clients through a number of digital channels for the loan application stage, however, when it came to Loan Agreement execution, it was the only part of the process that wasn’t conducted online,” said Renata. “At the time, Loan Agreements contracts had to be printed, scanned and emailed back to us. It would take days. Now, 84% of agreements are completed within a day and 40% of agreements are signed within one hour.”

Consumers expect things to be easy, convenient, simple and fast. “Being able to handle the whole agreement process digitally aligns perfectly with the Shift brand DNA.”

Renata’s one piece of advice to companies adopting Docusign is to align increased productivity with your growth strategy. “You want to test and learn on a particular part of your customer base or a single type of document before making wide, sweeping changes. My advice is to start with a small number of envelopes.”

Adrian Jones - CEO, Marketing Cube

The secret to work/life balance

Marketing Cube is a small business that helps marketers with marketing automation strategy and cloud technology consulting. “We’ve used Docusign for seven years and we’re an early adopter of the technology in Australia,” said Adrian. “It makes supplier agreements and NDAs [Non-Disclosure Agreements] so much easier. Basically, it took the pain away. Initially, customers didn’t trust eSignatures but they’ve adopted the convenience very quickly.”

Adrian points to the speed with which agreements can be prepared and signed-off as well as the ability to conduct business remotely to avoid business disruption. “I need to sign off on a lot of things every day. With Docusign, if I go on holiday I can sign things while I’m away and don’t lose precious family time.”

Results backed by concrete research

A study by Forrester recently found that using eSignatures significantly lowers costs, delivers a better customer experience, raises productivity, and helps increase customer retention.

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  1. When you subscribe to a Docusign plan, you gain access to a set number of ‘envelopes’. These contain recipient and sender information, documents, document fields, timestamps, and security and authentication information.
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