How to sign and get paid without the headache

By Brad Newton, Vice President, Docusign APAC.

Did you know that 20% of businesses waste on average 10+ hours per week chasing payments? I imagine you’re not keen to be among that number!  That’s why I’m so excited that Docusign’s focus is not only on digitising transactional agreements, but also on integrating the payment process into that.

I’m guessing if you’re reading this, you probably spend large blocks of time manually tracking down payments and deposits after your customers have signed on the dotted line. This kind of time and resource expenditure can especially cause pain to those working within smaller companies, wearing many hats. In the small business world, the saying time is money is true down to the minute, and every payment successfully collected is critical for success.

The good news is; Australia is embracing the digital age like never before. We are ready to take an honest look at our paper based processes and understand how they are hurting our business operations. And, let’s face it, signing agreements and collecting payments on paper is a big time and money sink. That’s why we at Docusign have a dedicated focus on digitising this process.

Here’s what we are doing.

Docusign Payments is a new feature we are officially releasing today as part of our digital transaction management offering. Docusign Payments lets you collect signatures and payments together in one easy process.

Let me tell you why this is important. Australia is becoming competitive at a phenomenal rate. The start-up landscape is thriving. That means customer experience is king. And, any business asking its customers for a postal address - or heaven forbid, a cheque - is going to be bypassed fairly quickly for a competitor.

We’ve been in beta since we announced Docusign Payments late October 2016, and we’re getting rave reviews from customers already.  It makes sense as our business markets are ready for this.

Companies are using this feature to speed up their lease agreements, sales proposals and membership agreements, to name just a few of the numerous use cases for Docusign Payments. These are companies no longer prepared to take the admin and customer experience hit of asking customers for cheques in the mail or credit card payments over the phone.

Now available in Australia, Docusign Payments allows you to get paid instantly - at the same time your customers sign agreements - avoiding delays and wasted time in collecting money owed.

We have partnered at launch with Stripe, a leader in the online payment space, to give you the ability to accept major credit cards, Apple Pay and Android Pay. Stripe is designed to be simple and easy to use - you just need to provide your bank account information to get up and running.

In the next few months, we’ll also be integrating with other easy-to-use and popular payment gateways including PayPal, Braintree and Visa’s Authorize.Net among others.

With Docusign Payments, it’s an intuitive and easy process to send an agreement for signature and payment in one go but to experience it for yourself, this video or download or eBook to learn more about the benefits of Docusign Payments.

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