Setting up and sending contracts for electronic signing

Need some pointers on how to set up a contract or agreement so that it’s as easy as pie for your clients to sign? From proposals and purchase orders to mutual non-disclosure agreements and sales contracts, it’s all possible – and incredibly easy – with Docusign.

Here, we take a look at how to set up these different types of contracts so you can hit the ground running with Docusign.

Let’s start with the basics: a sales contract

It’s simple to send a contract out to clients for electronic signing. Using Docusign, you can close deals faster, beat the competition, and get paid faster. Win-win-win.

Simply sign up for a free trial with Docusign and you’re away:

  • Step 1. Register for a free trial at Docusign, and then log in
  • Step 2. Upload your contract
  • Step 3. Add the names and email addresses of your contract signers
  • Step 4. Drag & drop Docusign tags in the spots where you want your clients to sign and click Send

If you need to collect payments as part of the contract, it’s easy with Docusign’s Payments feature. You’ll just need to upgrade to the paid version of Docusign to gain this ability to drop a tag into your contract where you want to collect the payment. Clients can pay with a credit card, debit card, Apple Pay or Android Pay when they sign.

Moving on to mutual non-disclosure agreements

In the business world, protecting intellectual assets between parties calls for a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). These beasts can be incredibly slow and cumbersome – and the interminable delays can get in the way of building important business relationships.

Avoid interruptions and banish bottlenecks with Docusign’s eSignature platform, and get your NDAs signed in seconds. With Docusign, you can:

  • Track changes, collaborate, review and sign online
  • Significantly shorten the timeframe from when you send and receive the document
  • Manage all confidential paperwork from any device

You can’t beat an online proposal

Save time and money by using Docusign templates for the proposals send out regularly, so you can get them out faster than the competition with the assurance that it contains all the right content. To get started with proposal templates, register for a trial version of Docusign.

Then, to create a proposal template (which you can easily modify for specific jobs or projects), follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1. Log in to Docusign, go to the Templates tab, and click New Template
  • Step 2. Upload your proposal document, which becomes the basis of your new proposal template
  • Step 3. Enter your proposal recipients (either a particular person or a placeholder), add a standard message to accompany the proposal, and drop tags where recipients need to sign
  • Step 4. Click Save and Close, and the template is ready to use
  • Step 5. When you want to send a proposal document, start with your template, update the placeholder fields for the project, make any specific changes you need, and then click Send 

With your template set up and ready to go, it’s quick and easy to generate new proposals, customise them as per the project requirements, and get them out to your prospective customers. The recipient is sure to be impressed by your speed and the convenience of being able to sign online.

And, if you need to collect a partial or full payment when the customer signs the proposal, it’s easy to add the Docusign Payments feature. You’ll just need to upgrade to the paid version of Docusign.

Create and reuse purchase order contract templates

Take your purchase orders (POs) online so you can access them at any time. With Docusign, it’s easy to create PO templates, which you can then reuse to complete transactions faster.

The benefits of taking your POs to the cloud include the ability to:

  • Combine templates with PDF forms and documents in the cloud
  • Transform PDF fields into Docusign tags so they can be signed
  • Review and comment on documents for all parties to see
  • Sign agreements with Docusign’s mobile app

As above, to get started with creating digital POs that anyone can sign with an electronic signature, register for a trial version of Docusign today.

What other docs could you digitise?

As the examples above show, there are so many easy opportunities to digitise previously paper-based tasks. Not only will it save you time and money, but it’s a great experience for you and your customers, and it’s good for the environment, too.

Get business done faster with Docusign eSignature. Start your free trial or download the award-winning Docusign app today from Google Play, the App Store or Windows 10.