Scouts ACT digitises member consent forms with Docusign

By Brad Newton, vice president, Australia and New Zealand, Docusign

Scouts ACT is the Australian Capital Territory arm of the worldwide Scout movement and aims to develop and equip young people with practical leadership skills ranging from camping and bushcraft through to rock climbing, sailing and archery. Their youth program also tackles health, responsible risk-taking, vocational skills and indigenous issues.

Formal consent from parents is needed for Scouts to participate in each individual activity, meaning that up to 20,000 consent forms need to be managed every year. The paperwork and processes could take up to two weeks to complete for each consent form. Volunteers are the lifeblood of Scouts ACT, but these volunteers didn’t sign up to do hours of mindless admin – they joined to be having fun delivering the Scout program to young people!

Docusign has eliminated a large portion of the administrative burden for Scouts ACT, enabling the volunteer leaders to do more of what they really love.

In February 2015, the organisation implemented Docusign eSignature software to digitise member consent forms. The reaction from parents – particularly the more tech-savvy among them – and adult leaders was immediate and positive. Docusign is now used for 40 percent of consent forms and Scouts ACT and Docusign are educating parents about the software to raise this to as close to 100 percent as soon as possible.

In addition, thanks to Docusign, Scouts ACT has also been able to securely store and access member consent forms and reduce the cost burden of physical storage.



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