Randstad Australia saves $1 million with Docusign

By Brad Newton, vice president of Docusign ANZ

Randstad has committed itself to harnessing the power of digital to better serve its customers. By going paperless with Docusign, the recruitment & HR services specialist has saved over $1 million, 1 million pieces of paper, and four weeks of work per staff member each year.

Randstad’s mission is to find the most fulfilling career for job seekers, and source the best talent for employers, and the best way to achieve this outcome was to eliminate the paper-based processes clogging its jobseeker application system.

Generally, the industry standard is for  a candidate to review and sign a 60-page application pack for a new role, which can take anywhere from one to four hours to complete, depending on the job specialisation. Docusign allows job seekers the flexibility to complete their registration whenever and wherever they like, on any device. Currently, around 20 per cent of candidates who go through Randstad choose to complete their contracts digitally from a mobile device, yet this is growing.

Docusign has also cut down the administration time for Randstad consultants, redeeming an average 30 minutes per registration – time that is now better spent providing valuable consulting advice.

By removing one million pieces of paper from the Australian office via Docusign Randstad has saved over 120 trees, which equates to a carbon footprint reduction of 12 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year. To help visualise the magnitude of this saving, 120,000 forms stacked together stand 12.5  metres high.

Check out the video below to learn more from Randstad Australia & New Zealand CEO, Frank Ribuot, on how Docusign has been a game changer for Randstad.

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