Queensland Government goes ‘all in’ with a whole-of-Government agreement with Docusign

Across Queensland’s public sector, thousands of agreements are generated every day. To make it easier, faster and more cost-effective to prepare and manage these agreements, the Queensland Government has entered into a new era with Docusign. 

It’s official. Docusign and the State of Queensland have entered into an agreement via a Standing Offer Arrangement (SOA-TDS-1022) for the full suite of solutions from the Docusign Agreement Cloud. It means that all government departments and government-owned corporations can now use all Docusign e-signature and Contract Lifecycle Management cloud software solutions. 

The move is expected to deliver significant savings. Our global research shows that, conservatively, $50 of savings can be achieved by simply eliminating the need for a wet signature. With an estimated 46 million paper forms executed each year across the Queensland Government, that’s an expected saving of over $2.3B each year.

Simplifying complex negotiations

Queensland’s many government organisations will be able to securely create, send, act on and manage all types of agreements – from standard HR, procurement, legal and finance contracts, to highly regulated documents such as permits and licences, and healthcare and justice agreements.

Docusign CLM simplifies and streamlines the process of reaching agreement for government departments involved in complex negotiation – for example, the provision of grants, procurements, construction approvals or even non-disclosure agreements.  Recognised by industry analysts as a leading CLM, Docusign makes it easy to define complex governance workflows and track extensive markups throughout the course of negotiations. 

Trusted by public sector agencies

Across Australia and New Zealand, over 250 public sector agencies already use the Docusign Agreement Cloud for the secure signing of agreements. Docusign eSignature has successfully passed the 'Protected' level IRAP assessment, and our onshore data centres meet government agencies’ data residency requirements. It all combines to ensure our Agreement Cloud platform not only provides a superior e-signature experience, but also keeps Government documents and contracts secure and safe.

The Docusign Agreement Cloud for Government lets public servants focus more time on their mission, bringing together a comprehensive set of applications and integrations to modernise government agencies’ systems of agreement. With 400+ integrations, it seamlessly integrates with your existing technology platforms to create government entities that are faster, simpler, smarter and greener.

Getting started

If you work in a Queensland Government entity or government-owned corporation, you can get started with Docusign now – no need for an approach to market. Please reach out to your Docusign account team via qld-sales@docusign.com or access the Standing Offer Arrangement SOA-TDS-1022 contract terms and conditions from Queensland Contracts Directory (access is for internal staff only, and covers license, training, professional services and support). 

Glenn Powell is the Industry Lead in the ANZ Public Sector team at Docusign. He, along with his colleagues, focus on delivering seamless agreement solutions using the Docusign Agreement Cloud to Federal, State & Local governments across Australia and New Zealand.

Glenn Powell head shot
Glenn Powell
Industry Lead - ANZ Public Sector