Meet the essential starter in every agreement toolkit, as revealed at Momentum 2022

What a momentous week it’s been here at Docusign. Our hugely popular annual event, Momentum APAC, was broadcast live across Asia Pacific on Wednesday. People from all over the region, tuned in for a sneak peek at some of our latest innovations, including the debut of an exciting new product.

Missed all the action? Never fear. We’ve got you covered here, with a wrap-up of the main keynote. In coming days and weeks, watch out for more articles dissecting some of the stand-out breakout sessions. 

Building on some big momentum

Before we dive into the big reveals, let’s put this year’s event into context. As our Group VP and GM for APJ, Dan Bognar, noted in the keynote, the event felt incredibly timely. As people across the globe return to restaurants, gyms and workplaces, there seems to be this collective realisation that we won’t go back to the way things were before. Just like most of us won’t work in the office, 9 to 5, five days a week anymore, we won’t be returning to paper-based ways of doing business either.

The pandemic forced many businesses to shift to digital. And people experienced first-hand the incredible cost, time and environmental savings of making the switch. Those using Docusign talk about how simple it was to set up, and how impactful it’s been. There’s no going back to pen and paper.

With this momentum in mind, what better time to announce some exciting new features that are geared to make the Docusign platform even faster, more cost-effective, and a better experience for all?

Introducing Docusign CLM Essentials

The big news in the main keynote was the debut of Docusign CLM Essentials. As a quick recap, Docusign CLM is an end-to-end tool to help businesses manage contracts, automating everything from contract authoring and negotiations, to storage and analyses to find missed opportunities. 

Recognising that different businesses have different starting points, we’ve introduced Docusign CLM Essentials as an entry-level option for growing businesses. Affordable and easy to use, it removes the headaches around managing contracts and, more importantly, helps businesses reach agreement faster. 

Deeply integrated with Salesforce, CLM Essentials provides a seamless, streamlined experience for sales teams. For example, after a custom contract is generated in Salesforce, it can easily be routed for review, and reviewers can easily collaborate on changes. Once ready to send, it’s the push of a button to capture signatures.

And then, when your business has grown to the point where CLM Essentials is no longer enough, it’s easy to upgrade to Docusign CLM or Docusign CLM+.  

Touching on the past year’s big innovations

Docusign CLM Essentials was certainly the big debut of the day. But that’s not to say other recent innovations and additions to the Docusign ecosystem went unnoticed. Other features celebrated at Momentum included:

  • Scheduled sending – to help businesses move forward faster, by scheduling the sending of Docusign agreements to reach customers when they’re most likely to respond.
  • SMS notifications – to further optimise response rates, we enabled automated SMS alerts to recipients’ phones, with a simple link straight through to the agreement so customers can sign on the spot via a mobile-friendly interface. 
  • Docusign Identify – to help reduce the cost and risk of ID verification, by automating the process of proving signers’ identities.
  • Docusign Click – a seamlessly embedded click-wrap solution to capture consent to terms, with easy personalisation to help businesses stay on brand.
  • Docusign Monitor – a tool to provide administrators with near real-time visibility into agreement activity, with rule-based alerts notifying admins of any potential breaches.

We were also delighted to welcome Charles Woodall, Senior VP of Alliances and Channel Sales, Salesforce, to talk about the recent Slack and Docusign integration. First announced at Dreamforce, the Slack-Docusign collab unlocks productivity from anywhere on the platform many businesses prefer. 

This is just the beginning

With over 1 billion users and 1 million customers around the world, Docusign will continue to innovate and deliver tools to help businesses excel in today’s anywhere economy. We look forward to helping businesses take their agreements to the next level – and we can’t wait to see what the next year brings.

Watch out for more articles recapping on Momentum 2022. In the meantime, you can watch #MomentumAPAC on-demand