How to verify a signer’s ID using their Australian Driver’s Licence

There’s a new tool in town, and we’re loving it. Companies that need to verify a person’s identity when they sign a document are loving it, too. It’s called Docusign Identify, and it’s an open platform for automated ID verification. Let’s take a look at how it works.

Ironing out the ID wrinkles

ID verification has always been a messy step in the agreement process. Whether it’s a lease for a rental in real estate, an onboarding document in HR, or even a form for a clinical trial in a big pharmaceutical company, there are many types of agreements that require proof of ID.

In the past, the person signing the agreement would supply a scan or photocopy of their ID and often have to go through the hassle of getting someone to witness that it’s really theirs. If you’ve been moving your agreements to a digital platform like Docusign, this manual step would have previously stood in the way of a seamless signing process.

Now, thanks to Docusign Identify, ID verification becomes embedded in the digital signing experience as a trusted, secure way to authenticate people’s identities. It really is as simple as snap and verify.

Quick and easy to get a licence verified

In Australia, Docusign Identify can be used to capture an Australian Driver’s Licence. Once a recipient has opened their envelope and before they can open up the document, the tool prompts the signer to take a photo of the front and back of their Australian Driver’s Licence. From there, Docusign does the rest.

The automated ID verification process checks that:

  • The ID is not expired
  • The name is an exact match to the envelope
  • The licence looks like a licence, with all the right visual features
  • There’s no evidence of tampering
  • The barcode is consistent with what an Australian Driver’s Licence barcode should be

All this is done in a matter of seconds.

One step to add ID verification to an envelope

 It’s easy for employees to add the ID verification process to an envelope. It’s done during envelope set-up and really is as simple as checking a box and then continuing with the normal steps to send a document.

The only thing to watch out for is that the envelope must use the exact same name as that on the recipient’s ID. If you’re dealing with a ‘Tom’ and suspect their driver’s licence might be a ‘Thomas’ then you’ll want to flick them a quick email or message to check.

Save time, impress your customers

By adding ID verification to the digital signing process, you’ll save money and time by no longer having to manually check people’s ID. It’s all done automatically.

More importantly, you’ll impress the pants off your customers. They will love the convenience of being able to simply take a photo of their driver’s licence and be done with what was previously a messy, annoying part of the signing process.

For FAQs and best practice tips on ID verification, learn more here.