How to transform your agreement process with Microsoft and Docusign

Thanks Productivity is a top priority for business leaders in 2023. As tough economic times continue, organisations are clearly keen to empower employees to be more productive; to do more with less. The problem is, employees typically juggle countless apps and tools in their day-to-day work … and the more balls in the air, the more likely that balls will be dropped.

As we explored in this recent webinar, the average organisation uses a staggering 175 different business tools across the enterprise. And, as this number grows, employees find themselves switching between more apps than ever to get work done. This constant context-switching leads to wasted time and productivity losses, with 43% of users frequently or occasionally failing to notice important information due to application overload (Gartner 2021).

Yet businesses don’t want to miss out on the potential benefits that new apps deliver, right? The solution? Bringing the power of new apps into the tools your teams use every day.

Whether it’s preparing an agreement in Dynamics, managing it in SharePoint, or receiving notifications about who’s signed what via Microsoft Teams, Docusign integrates across the Microsoft ecosystem to accelerate and simplify the entire agreement process. See how it works in this live webinar demo, or read on for a summary of how Docusign’s strategic partnership with Microsoft is making life easier for our customers.

Prepare, sign, act and manage agreements with Microsoft

If your organisation uses the Microsoft ecosystem, you can make the most of your existing tech stack to perfect the process of preparing, signing, acting on, and managing agreements: 

  • Prepare. You can create new contracts and agreements – including the ability to capture an electronic signature – right within Microsoft Word or Outlook, and then easily route the agreement for signature from these same tools. 
  • Sign. Enable users to stay where they’re working when a signature’s required. With Docusign eSignature for Teams, for example, a chatbot delivers notifications when users need to sign something, or when someone else has completed an agreement.
  • Act. With Power Automate, you can automate post-signature tasks. Set up workflows between your favourite apps and services to synchronise agreements, get notifications, collect data, and more. For example, an employee onboarding workflow can automatically set up an employee account after an acceptance letter is signed. 
  • Manage. Whether in Sharepoint Online or Dynamics 365, you can store and manage completed agreements for easy access from a centralised repository, with the ability to set up automated workflows to securely store them in the right place. 

Bringing Docusign into Microsoft apps helps to eliminate manual processes, synchronise documents across the business, and remove the double-handling of data – which all serve to increase accuracy, save time, and boost productivity. Not only does it deliver a better,  single-click experience for employees, but it’s a more intuitive experience for end customers, too. 

See the integration in action

In the webinar, Docusign’s Lead Solution Architect Mohamed Ali walks through two key demos of the integration with Microsoft, using the scenario of a new employee being onboarded to an organisation. To see how easy the agreement process can be, you’ll need to see the demos in action (demos start at the 15 minute mark).

Learn more about how Docusign seamlessly integrates with Microsoft apps and tools.

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