How to make your onboarding process more secure

Across industries and across the globe, human resources departments are under pressure to digitise their processes. In many organisations, one of the main areas that could really do with some digital love is the employee onboarding process – which, when done right, will give your new employees something to rave about.

Digitising the onboarding process delivers benefits that reach beyond the employee’s first impression of your business. It helps new hires become productive, faster, which is a boost to your bottom line. And it frees up your HR team’s time to focus less on manual tasks and more on strategic improvements to the HR function.

There’s one more area in which digitising makes a big difference: security.

Keeping your employee’s personal data safe

In this heavily-regulated era, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your employees’ data is private and secure. Given that many organisations now have to do due diligence in terms of confirming that the new hire is who they say they are, some potentially sensitive data can get collected.

In the onboarding process, you may ask them to share everything from their tax file number and bank details, to their superannuation account, home address and, potentially, ID like their driver’s licence. Once they have provided all of this sensitive information, it’s HR’s responsibility to make sure this information is stored and protected.

Strangely, many HR professionals are reluctant to go digital because they think that employees’ personal data is safer in a paper-based filing system. These anxieties are not unreasonable – Cisco reported that 53% of mid-market companies have experienced a security breach, and cybersecurity remains a top concern amongst CIOs worldwide.

In fact, a secure ID verification platform like DocSign Identify can alleviate these concerns. You can easily set up an ID verification process if you need to check an employee’s identity; and you gain complete peace of mind that the process is fully compliant and secure. Beyond ID verification, you can digitise all the other aspects of onboarding and information-gathering, setting up a central, secure repository of digital information.

Using a trusted storage option

Instead of relying on haphazard filing systems, forward-thinking companies are storing employees’ sensitive personal information safely and securely in the cloud. Docusign integrates with more than 350 systems, including Greenhouse, SAP, Workday and Oracle, allowing HR to streamline and store employee documents in their existing HR systems.

Data storage and security are top priorities for the HR platforms that Docusign partners with. Their data storage systems apply industry-leading safeguards; as does Docusign’s. We meet and exceed the most stringent global security standards, applying the highest levels of encryption and storing your data in secure server infrastructure hosted in our ISO 27001 and SSAE 16 data centres. This cloud-based approach really is so much more secure than a filing cabinet could ever be.

So if you’re considering digitising the employee onboarding process, you can rest assured that if you choose the right systems, then security will emerge as a real benefit. To learn more about how Docusign can help to make your HR systems and processes more secure, sign up for a free trial.