How to get your clients to eSign

You’ve heard the buzz about the benefits of Docusign, you’ve started your free trial, and you’ve set up your first document ready to send off to clients. Now what?

It’s as simple as hitting ‘send’. Really.

But if you’re worried that your client may not be familiar with the whole electronic signature caper – perhaps they are older and less comfortable with technology, or perhaps they have been living under a rock – here are some simple tips to reassure them how easy and secure it is.

Be open about why you’re DocuSigning

Before you send a Docusign document to a client, you may want to ask them if they’ve used Docusign before. With hundreds of millions of people around the world already using our platform, chances are they have.

If they haven’t, explain to them that you’re using Docusign to help speed up the process of getting their documents finalised. You can also tell them about the other benefits – like saving paper, and eliminating the need to print, scan and post documents. Plus, you can reassure them about the rock-solid security and traceability of Docusign documents.

Don’t forget, if they are at all concerned, you can always give them the option to receive a printed version.

Talk them through the simple signing process

When one of your clients receives a Docusign envelope for the first time, the process of opening and signing it is extremely intuitive. We’ve designed it to be as simple and secure as possible.

That said, your client might want some hand-holding. If so, explain to them the steps involved. They will receive a secure email notification, asking them to review and sign the document. Here’s what they need to do with that email:

  1. Select ‘Review document’
  2. Depending on the type of agreement, they may have to review and agree to a disclosure before proceeding (see below)
  3. Fill any required fields with information and attach any requested documents
  4. Sign the document (look for the yellow post-it) following the simple instructions to adopt a signature
  5. Select ‘Adopt & Sign’, then ‘Finish’

Remind your client that they will receive a completed document via email once all parties have signed it. Or, they can sign up for a free Docusign account to store their Docusign agreements securely in the cloud.

A quick word about disclosures

Often, you need to obtain consent or provide a disclosure agreement before asking someone to electronically sign a contract or document. If this step isn't built into your signing process, it can take longer to get electronic signatures.

With Docusign, you can easily add a legal disclosure to your electronic document to capture a signer’s consent to signing the agreement electronically. We call it electronic record and signature consent disclosure (ERSD).

If enabled, each new recipient must read and agree to the terms of the disclosure before viewing or taking action on the documents. It’s simple to set up with your signing documents. Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Enable the electronic record and signature disclosure for your account
  2. Configure and edit the default electronic record and signature disclosure
  3. Create and edit a custom electronic record and signature disclosure

Learn more about ERSD

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