How to delight your internal and external customers

What do you do to make the people that matter most to your business feel valued? How do you make sure they keep coming back?

Delighting your customers – whether they are internal or external – should be a top priority. You need ways to engage them; to make life easier for them; to leave a positive impression. If you don’t, then you lose them. Dissatisfied external customers simply shift loyalties and shop with your competitors; disillusioned internal customers either quit or negatively impact your bottom line.

No wonder the importance of delighting customers was such a hot topic of discussion at our customer panel at Docusign Momentum Sydney.

Delighting with Docusign 

Naturally, the focus of the panel discussion was on how Docusign can delight customers. It was our event, after all. But it was the unexpected ways in which Docusign is delighting employees and external customers that really hit home.

For example, the ABC’s David Carr shared a story about how Docusign helped seal the deal for a young punk rock band. The band, on a break from performing and scattered around the world, received an offer from an American film production company to use one of the band’s tracks in a film. The ABC needed signatures on an agreement, fast. The contract landed on the band members’ devices, they signed from their far-flung locations, the deal was sealed.

Being able to quickly connect the dots and capture signatures from all band members before the deal fell through resulted in a happy punk band, a happy production company and a great outcome for the ABC.

Then there was the example from Keryn Paviour-Smith, GM HR Services & Operations, News Corp Australia. Her team has transformed the candidate experience using Docusign. As she explained, 99.9% of people will not resign from their current job until they’ve got a copy of the contract for their new job in front of them. To get the best candidates, they needed to inject more speed into their contract process.

Docusign delivered, not only enhancing the candidate experience with a seamless signing process but also benefitting the business by onboarding employees in revenue-earning roles faster. As Keryn said, “Time is tight. Everyone needs to do things much more quickly these days. And so if you cannot make yourself just so easy to do business with, then you're going to miss out.”

Alex Butterworth, Senior Legal Counsel at McDonald’s, joked that while people going through a drive through don’t need to sign a contract, the franchisees responsible for those drive throughs do. Looking after these franchisees – or internal customers – is vital to the ongoing success of the chain.

As Alex said about getting complex contracts signed, “Any steps in the process that you can shorten or eliminate, that’s a good thing. The more that we’re able to streamline each step, the better.”

The secret sauce 

In talking about the importance of being agreeable to both outfacing and internal customers, David Carr gave the example of executive assistants. He said, “You need to have them on board and make their life easier, because there's this fear that they're going to lose control over what their boss is doing. We've found that with Docusign, we've been able to break down those barriers.

“Giving your internal stakeholders a great experience when you roll out any new technology is the secret to its success. With Docusign, this is easy. Unlike a lot of other technology, it’s easy to introduce, it's easy to roll out, and it's easy to explain to the users how to use it.”

Domain’s Nadia Pertot summed up the importance of nailing the customer experience beautifully. “We're all customers. We all know what we like and what we don't like. And I think I'm sort of the worst kind of customer, because if I've got a problem with a business, if I've had a bad experience, I won't actually say anything to them. I'll just walk away.”

Don’t risk losing them 

Could you afford customers just walking away? What about your best employees? Creating positive experiences that leave the right impression are vital to the ongoing sustainability of your business. Using tools like Docusign that are designed to make life easier for users is definitely an important step in the right direction.

To see for yourself how you can use Docusign to inject a little happiness into your workplace, sign up for a 30 day free trial.

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