How to be more productive with this Docusign + Microsoft integration

What happens when you pair the productivity powerhouse that is Microsoft with everyone’s favourite electronic signature solution? You get a truly seamless signing experience that adds immense value to common business workflows. Let’s take a look.

Office 365, or Microsoft 365 as it will be called from April 22, is used by over a million companies worldwide – with around 38% of global market share when it comes to the office productivity tools like word processing, spreadsheets and databases that business folk rely on day-to-day. With so many people using tools like Microsoft Word, Outlook, SharePoint, Dynamics 365 and Flow to get their jobs done, it makes complete business sense to integrate Docusign into its native ecosystem.

That’s why Microsoft and Docusign are strategic partners

Docusign has made its industry-leading eSignature apps and Digital Transaction Management (DTM) functionalities widely available within Microsoft applications. There are separate apps for different Microsoft tools – making it easy for organisations to identify which apps they need.

Once the Docusign app is installed, it’s quick and easy to start transacting straight from your device.

What it means for your favourite Microsoft tools

Across the board, Docusign for Microsoft helps to boost productivity, reduce costs and improve the customer experience – digitising experiences and streamlining processes. Here, we look at some of the key benefits of adding the Docusign app to your favourite Microsoft tools.

  • Docusign for Word

    As we explored in this article, integrating Docusign into Word docs is a breeze, saving your teams huge amounts of time and hassle – as well as trees!
  • Docusign for Outlook You can set up signing on a document without even having to leave Outlook. Simply specify the recipients and tag the document using Docusign, directly from the app – which gets added to your Outlook toolbar. If it’s you that needs to do the signing, the Docusign app pops up automatically.
  • Docusign for SharePoint You can legally and securely send, sign, and track important documents stored in any SharePoint document library. It’s easy to automate existing business processes and workflows too, with the ability to route documents to various recipients in a particular order.
  • Docusign for Dynamics 365 With preconfigured ‘sign’ and ‘get signatures’ actions, an audit trail of edits, and the ability to notify all signers when documents are altered, Docusign for Dynamics 365 helps your sales teams to close deals faster. It can be customised to integrate with most business processes.
  • Docusign for Microsoft Flow Microsoft Flow allows you to set up automated workflows between your favourite apps and services to synchronise files, get notifications, collect data, and more. Add Docusign to a flow, and automatically send your agreements and approvals out for electronic signatures.
  • Docusign for Windows With the Docusign for Windows app, you can sign and send everything from PDFs and image files through to documents stored on OneDrive – simply by dragging and dropping the file onto the app. Like any Docusign doc, everything is secure, traceable and legally binding.

Ready to get started?

Supercharging your Microsoft suite with Docusign is as simple as adding the app. Once it’s installed, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it.