How Docusign helps keep residential building projects on time and under budget

If you work in the building industry, then you probably don’t have time to read this right now. After all, builders are busier than ever. But hopefully someone in your business does read it – as we’re about to show you an easy, quick way to save time and keep your building projects moving forward.

With a whopping 143,700 new builds this year – plus record levels of renovation – the current construction boom has seen a 33% increase in building projects since 2019. And this growth is at a time when labour and materials shortages are hitting record highs, leading to big blow-outs in the time it takes to build homes. 

For builders out on the job site, there’s no time to down tools to chase outstanding contractor or supplier agreements. Yet time is money – and if outstanding agreements are causing delays on the building site, then budgets start getting stretched. Which is why digital technologies like Docusign are saving the day for tradies.

An office in your pocket

Many builders spend all day on-site, and all night at the desk. The evenings are the time to catch up on paperwork, sub-contractor agreements, supplier invoices and more. The paperwork piles up, as do the job files. Sound familiar? What if you could sign and send off sub-contractor agreements from the building site? With all documents safely stored in the cloud, so you don’t need to worry about printing them?  

It’s all possible with Docusign. On practically any device, you can securely sign and request signatures from wherever you are, to keep projects ticking along. With notifications of when contracts and agreements are ready for review, you simply get a ping to your phone, a few taps, and you’re done. Back up the ladder or on the saw for you. 

The ability to sign contracts on the job site is proving a game-changer for builders who need to keep projects moving forward, particularly during today’s boom times. With Docusign, you can cut the average time to secure a signature from days to hours – which can make all the difference when you’ve got a bunch of subbies lined up to come onto the building site to finish their work. 

A smoother customer experience

As well as making it easier to deal with contractors and suppliers, Docusign raises the bar for dealing with your customers, too. Sending your proposals to prospective homeowners through Docusign creates a strong first impression – it shows you are professional and efficient, which can make all the difference when a customer is seeking quotes from a number of builders. 

What’s more, Docusign helps to expedite the turnaround from proposal to agreement, so you can schedule jobs in faster, get the ball rolling on supplies and materials, and book in your sub-contractors before another builder nabs them. 

Getting started is easy

Thousands of construction companies and builders across the globe use Docusign eSignature to quickly and securely capture signatures, and keep building projects moving forward. Want to become one of them? Get in touch today to start a free trial.