Hard to get to work? Electronic signatures to the rescue

From public transport strikes to global pandemics, things sometimes get in the way of getting to work. If you can’t get into the office, how do you maintain productivity? How do you make sure that contracts keep getting signed and agreements keep being made?

Luckily, we live in an era where remote working is not only possible, it is embraced. There are so many fantastic tools available to help people do their best work from wherever they are. Here, we explore some of the many ways that electronic signatures can keep business moving forward, from any location, no matter which department you work in.

Human Resources: Hiring someone

Keep pace with your recruitment programs when you’re out of the office and make sure you get the right offers to the right candidates, regardless of where you are. Docusign helps you transform HR, from hiring to retiring, by connecting, automating and accelerating the employee agreement process. You can send out a contract to a prospective recruit in minutes, they can review the document, get back to you with any questions, and then sign on the dotted line. No face-to-face contact required.

Sales: Sealing a deal

Every business has a goal of closing deals faster. But getting that last signature from a client can be a big hurdle – particularly if you’re not able to meet face-to-face. Integrating Docusign with your sales tool makes the job a lot easier. Customers can quickly and easily sign documents; and your team, wherever they are, can monitor progress to ensure the sales cycle keeps rolling.

Purchasing: Keeping up with supplies

Streamline the management of your supplier contracts using Docusign. From initiation to archiving, you can manage it all through a single interface and a digital signature. Docusign contracts are secure, tamper-proof and traceable. You can ensure continuity of supply – even if no-one’s in the office to receive the goods.

Finance: Paying staff expenses

When many of your co-workers are working remotely, who’s there to manage and reimburse expenses? Expense reports can be a difficult thing to manage remotely – particularly if you need items validated or before paying them. If it’s all in Docusign, then you can send out an employee’s expenses for approval at the click of a button, and managers can sign from wherever they are. Too easy.

The eSignature list is endless

The above examples barely scratch the surface of what’s possible with eSignatures. If you find that you or your team members are working remotely for whatever reason, you’ll soon discover how handy these secure, legally binding signatures can be.

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