Docusign Ranks in Glassdoor’s Top 100 Best Places to Work

We’re excited to announce that we rank #15 in the top U.S. large companies on Glassdoor’s Employees’ Choice Awards for 2021. 

This is the fifth consecutive year Docusign has ranked in the top 25 and the second year we have ranked in the top 15. 

Here are a few examples of what employees shared on Glassdoor: 

“One thing I love here is the transparency -- Dan and Joan answer every question in real time during all-company calls. We published our diversity numbers on our website a couple of months ago. “
“The company is innovative and has a distinct culture where people are authentic and genuinely care. Docusign has done an incredible job in creating an inclusive culture and creating opportunities to have dynamic keynote speakers!”
“I have been blown away by the level of support and accommodation that everyone -- leadership to management to colleagues -- have shown. “
“The company is performing really well and is rapidly growing. Plus, the executives have demonstrated a level of commitment to social and environmental responsibility, diversity, and inclusion that is unparalleled at any of the major brands that I've worked for--and they back that up by putting resources against it, making strategic investments, and tracking their impact to hold themselves accountable.”

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We’re committed to providing a work environment where employees thrive and where they can do the work of their lives. 

A huge thank you goes out to all our employees who took the time to share their perspective on what it’s like to work here. We appreciate all the valuable feedback as it only helps us improve.

“To see that employees took the extra step of writing a candid review about Docusign on Glassdoor while juggling all their responsibilities this year -- working remotely in many cases a room away from children in online classes -- is amazing and humbling. They have been really there for our customers and each other,” says Dan Springer, CEO of Docusign.

“We continue to evolve as a company. This year there was a shift in that before we saw our employees as professionals in marketing, engineering, etc. and now we are seeing our employees now as parents, as children, spouses and partners. And we are putting in place benefits and programs to help them in those roles right now. I have always been proud as an HR professional when Docusign ranked high on the Glassdoor, but this year, I must say, I feel especially proud as a human,” said Joan Burke, our Chief People Officer.

You can view the complete list of honorees in the Glassdoor Best Places to Work in 2021.

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