Gain and maintain your customers’ trust with a secure eSignature solution

Gaining your customers’ trust is fundamental to building a successful business, and every customer interaction plays a part in gaining this trust. From the quality of your products and services, to the incidental interactions they have with your business, so many elements combine to shape your customers’ perceptions of you. 

Signing agreements is just one of these elements. Your customers want to know they can trust you and the systems you use to maintain the integrity of contracts and agreements they are party to. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the message you’re sending your customers by using Docusign.

First, a quick history lesson  

For centuries, signatures have symbolised trust. The world’s oldest autograph dates back to 3100 BC – ever since then, humans have been using unique signatures to verify their identity and make their mark on documents. 

The medium upon which signatures are captured has changed, from stone to animal skin to paper to screen. And, while today’s digital signatures look very different to those early carved-in-stone scrawls, they are no less trusted. 

In fact, today’s eSignatures are probably more secure and trustworthy than any previous form of signature. Docusign eSignatures, for example, come with a comprehensive electronic record that serves as an audit trail and proof of the transaction. These records include timestamps, the signer’s IP address and other identifying information – as well as tamper-evident seals – to make them much more reliable than a wet-ink scribble.  

Choosing a trusted signature provider  

History lesson done and dusted, let’s get back to this idea of customer trust. With the vast majority of business transactions being conducted digitally these days, it’s so important that you choose digital platforms that you and your customers can trust completely. The last thing you want is a little niggle of doubt in your customers’ minds, questioning the security or veracity of your digital tools.

It’s why so many businesses choose Docusign. Our platform is built upon trust. We consistently meet the stringent security requirements of the most security-conscious organisations in the world, including Fortune 500 companies and the largest financial institutions.

From your customers’ perspective, Docusign has all the right security mechanisms in place. When they Docusign an agreement, they see things like multi-factor authentication, certificates of completion, and digital audit trails – all strong symbols of security and trust. 

Behind the scenes, you gain the reassurance that Docusign is continuing to build and maintain a secure, trusted environment for the people who use our platform to sign sensitive, time-critical agreements. Our security assurance program is all about delivering the highest level of security, all of the time. 

The program aligns our people, processes and platform in a neat Venn diagram, to address the security, privacy and validity of all eSignature transactions:

Security and trust chart


  • People Security at Docusign is everyone’s job. We invest in training and awareness to ensure that security stays top of mind for all of our employees; we conduct background checks on all prospective employees and suppliers; and a dedicated Chief Trust and Security Officer (CTSO) manages security operations and continuously engages with the security community to ensure we stay one step ahead of emerging trends in the dynamic threat landscape.  
  • Process Our business processes – including internal policies, software development and platform monitoring – are built around the security of our customer data. Everything from on-premises security to system access is taken into account, with strategies like security reviews and external penetration testing ensuring that we continue to protect customer data.  
  • Platform Docusign’s advanced platform architecture and security operations are designed to maximise security for data at rest and in transit. Each component of our trusted platform undergoes stringent security reviews, and we implement best-practice security strategies such as geo-diverse, ISO-certified, SOC-audited data centres; 24/7/365 onsite security; endpoint security; AES 256-bit encryption (at rest); PKI technology; and malware protection. 

Docusign also undergoes rigorous scrutiny by third-party auditors to ensure we meet national and international security standards. For example, our platform complies with ISO 27001:2013, SOC 1 Type 2 and SOC 2 Type 2 reporting requirements, PCI DSS, and the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Security Trust Assurance and Risk program. 

Want to learn more about building and maintaining trust?

Register for our webinar on Beyond Security: The Importance of Vendor Trust and Data Protection, on Thursday, November 18 at 1pm AEDT/10am SGT, where Docusign’s Chief Trust & Security Officer Emily Heath will explore ways in which organisations are dealing with the security challenges brought on by the move to a digital world.

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