[Docusign Fall ‘18 Release] Modernise your paper-based System of Agreement with Docusign's new products

We unveiled Docusign’s expanded vision at our annual customer conference, Momentum, earlier this year. That vision is to modernise the world’s Systems of Agreement.

What is a System of Agreement you ask?  Well, every organisation has a System of Agreement - it’s how written agreements get prepared, signed, enacted and managed. Docusign modernised e-signatures, and now we’re broadening the Docusign platform to automate and connect what happens before, during and after an e-signature is completed, thus modernising your System of Agreement.

Now we’re all caught up,  let’s dive into the details of our latest product innovations and see how we’re delivering on that vision with the Docusign Fall ‘18 Release.


If you want to magically transform multiple contracts - all with more pages than you can count - into digital agreements, then Mobile Document Scanning is for you. Since launching Mobile Document Scanning for iOS devices last quarter, it’s already become the second most popular document import method. This quarter we’re excited to bring this capability to our Android device users.

Now anyone with an iOS or Android device can easily scan then edit, crop, resize and add multiple pages before importing documents into Docusign. This isn’t just useful inside your business for things like construction plans, disclosure packets, or invoice approvals, it’s also great in your personal life. Imagine how easy signing event waivers, permission slips or repair quotes would be.

To see Mobile Document Scanning in action, target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener">watch our video.


Viewing a PDF document on a phone can be a bad experience - it can require pinching, zooming, and scrolling. With Responsive Signing, we take that static PDF and use fancy, responsive HTML code to automatically create a parallel document that is optimised for enhanced readability on any screen size and orientation. What does that mean? It means that you get a PDF that is the correct size and is easily readable, no matter what device you view it on. How good is that!

(Available in October)

For those who are more technically inclined, and want more customisation, we have Smart Sections. It takes Responsive Signing even further by allowing you to have more control over the mobile experience, like collapsible sections, page breaks, custom formatting options and more.

Think of the possibilities! Your financing agreements, account openings, or sales contracts and be formatted for easier reading and signing. if your business sends long or complex contracts, this feature can greatly enhance your customers’ experience, slash turnaround times and improve agreement completion rates.

(Available in October)


Have you ever felt the pain of poring over your agreements, trying to understand the exactly means and terms of them? What if you could apply artificial intelligence and machine learning, to automatically search and analyse the content of your agreements? With Intelligent Insights powered by Seal, this powerful capability goes beyond keywords to actually “understand” concepts in agreement clauses. It’s like having a personal contract analyst. This technology automatically classifies and compares how different agreements handle topics, which enables you to quickly spot anomalies, risks, and opportunities.

Also available is the GDPR Compliance Pack powered by Seal, where you can use validated GDPR algorithms to quickly identify areas of exposure across 35 major categories. As GDPR regulations change, the GDPR algorithms update too, helping you to mitigate compliance risk and reputational harm.

We’ve added an extra aspect of “Manage,” for customers who want a blockchain as part of their System of Agreement. We have pre-built an integration with the Ethereum blockchain, the most popular blockchain for smart contracts. Although Docusign can already verify the integrity of any ‘DocuSigned’ document, this integration provides an additional option for verifying document evidence via blockchain technology.

For more information, visit our blockchain page.


And last but certainly not least, we’re proud to launch our new Trust Centre. Our expanded Trust Centre highlights our top priority: the privacy and security of your information, documents, and data.

To learn more about the refreshed and updated changes, visit the Trust Centre.

*Remember, from the Trust Center, you can follow our latest legal, privacy, compliance, security, and system performance information.

For the full range of our new products’ capabilities, or to view the technical specs, take a look at the Release Notes.

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