Using Docusign in real estate: The Basics


Dealing with piles of paperwork and the lack of speed when sending documents via snail mail is frustrating. That's why Docusign is modernising how real estate agents sign, manage and prepare agreements - you can do it all through REI Forms Live.


Docusign integration with REI Forms Live

Depending on the state or territory in which you operate, REI Forms Live has integrated Docusign’s eSignature solution into its existing online forms and contracts cloud software platform. The integration gives real estate agents the ability to digitise customer engagements and agreements for faster turnaround, increased security and compliance, and a best-in-class client experience.


What is an electronic signature?

An esignature is an electronic method of signing a document. Replacing a handwritten signature, it is a legal, compliant and secure way to capture someone’s consent. And it’s as simple as sending an email.


How does a form get signed?

A Docusign-enabled agreement, form or contract can be sent and signed anywhere that is connected to the internet. No snail mail, nothing getting lost in the post. All you need is the recipient’s email address, and their written consent to send and serve documents via email.

When the recipient receives the document, they can choose to either sign it electronically or print it out to sign with wet ink. To sign with an eSignature, they don’t need to register to use Docusign.

Once the document is signed by the client, it is automatically emailed back to you and any other party involved in the transaction.


Can I use Docusign for all transactions?

The majority of forms and documents on REI Forms Live can be DocuSigned. There are different rules in each state and territory so you should check with your relevant Real Estate Institute.

Some common exceptions include executions that need to be witnessed; filled out under Power of Attorney; or require the affixing of a seal. When one or more party is a corporation, it is recommended to use traditional methods of signing, too.


How do we get started?

Before you start using Docusign, it’s a good idea to establish protocols for your real estate agency to ensure a smooth transition to eSignatures. Consider things like which documents you will use eSignatures on, who has authority to set up these digital documents, and so on.

Then, Docusign is simple to use in REI Forms Live. Once you have finalised a form, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the electronic signing icon
  2. Choose ‘Docusign’, which will automatically direct you to the Docusign sign-up process
  3. Sign up to Docusign (you only need to do this the first time you use it
  4. If you have obtained consent to serve and send documents and notices by email, insert the relevant email addresses and hit ‘send’.


For further assistance with set-up, visit REI Forms LIVE help page


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