Docusign for Salesforce delivers huge savings for Australian business

Like the sound of an extra 40 hours per week for your sales team to chase new business? Or million-dollar cost savings on your sales agreements? As some Australian businesses are proving, it’s all possible with Docusign for Salesforce. Let’s take a look.

Productivity problem, solved

For any business, the task of preparing and managing paper-based sales agreements is both time consuming and costly. If your sales team still handles contracts via paper, they are potentially wasting huge amounts of time printing, scanning, faxing and posting. Not to mention all the time spent waiting for customer responses, tracking down signatures and looking for misplaced paperwork. The cost of all this extra effort affects the bottom line, too.

Docusign for Salesforce eradicates these drains on productivity by automating the entire sales agreement process from sending to signing. As well as saving time and money, Docusign for Salesforce has the added bonus of getting your quotes and orders approved and signed fast – a real bonus in the cut-throat world of sales.

Docusign can be used with Salesforce CPQ and other solutions to easily send quotes to customers for sign off. You can also send orders to your customer with a single click, directly from your Salesforce Opportunity or Account. This, in turn, greatly reduces time to revenue.

Docusign for Salesforce saves time

LEAP, Australia’s number one software solution for small law firms, has experienced a huge boost to productivity since implementing Docusign for Salesforce. It is saving 40+ hours per week, and has moved two full-time staff away from the tedium of managing agreements and into more strategic roles. At LEAP, agreements are now created and sent in three minutes flat, compared to 30 minutes previously.

Docusign for Salesforce helps increase employee productivity by enabling faster transactions and keeping business processes digital from end-to-end. The solutions are deployed through the cloud and are available to all of your users anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

For example, you can integrate Salesforce data directly into your Docusign templates and document generation solution; and recipients can update and enter information on those documents, which is then automatically updated into Salesforce. Customer onboarding is a great use case here. Using Docusign, the form that your new customer fills out is automatically written back to their Account within Salesforce. No re-keying of data, no errors.

It also maximises operational efficiencies

Another Australian company, Deloitte Private, has redesigned its sales process using Docusign for Salesforce, leading to substantial efficiencies and cost savings in excess of $1 million. Forty per cent of its engagement letters are now turned around within an hour, compared to a previous average turnaround time of over seven days.

These significant gains have been realised thanks to the rich features within Docusign for Salesforce, which are designed to streamline business operations. For example, as signatures are applied to documents throughout the sales cycle, they automatically trigger provisioning, billing and onboarding processes. Features like streamlined routing, custom workflows, real-time status updates via Chatter, intelligent template recognition, and two-way data flow further enhance operations.

And, most importantly, it impresses your customers

Michael Clarke, Chief Strategy Officer, Deloitte Private, says, “The success we’ve had with Docusign has helped foster a culture of continuous improvement, which not only drives innovation amongst teams but delivers a better customer experience.”

Docusign for Salesforce doesn’t just improve sales operations, it improves relationships with customers – people who are devoted denizens of the digital world, expecting one-click purchasing and full mobile access. With Docusign for Salesforce, you can satisfy their need for speed by allowing them to sign any contract anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

If you’ve got a mobile workforce that depends on capturing customer signatures when out in the field, then the integration of Docusign and Salesforce Mobile offers a secure, sophisticated solution that gives your team the professional edge. Your sales or service team can quickly and easily get paperwork signed and counter-signed while face-to-face with the customer or prospect, with all documents instantly emailed to relevant parties.

Learn more

To learn more about how Docusign for Salesforce could transform your business, watch this on-demand webinar to accelerate your agreement process.

Docusign for Salesforce webinar

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