Docusign Click helps Driva fuel even more efficiency and speed

From the day it first opened its digital doors, Driva has been kicking paperless goals. The car finance and loan company, which exists to inject transparency, simplicity and ease into the loan process, is rewriting how businesses can and should operate. The best bit? There’s hardly a piece of paper in sight.

We’ve celebrated Driva’s digital successes before (see this case study) – after all, we love digital trailblazers here at Docusign. Keen to share their digital-first journey with more of you, we invited Michael Ko, Head of Product at Driva, to join us in a recent webinar to discuss how the company is running a paperless business using Docusign.

You can watch the full webinar here. Or read on for some of the key insights that Michael shared. 

Digital from day one

Driva has been operating for about two years now, helping customers get near-instant access to accurate, pre-qualified finance for their vehicle purchases. It’s a completely digital experience, and the Driva team prides itself on the transparency and simplicity of its finance process. 

As Michael explains, paper was never going to cut it at Driva. “Given what we’re trying to do, it didn’t make sense to consider paper-based processes for any part of our user journey. From loan agreements to private sale invoices and dealership invoices, we didn’t want to use paper-based processes or rely on wet-ink signatures.”

It’s why, from day one, Driva has used Docusign. 

Streamlining the loan application process with Docusign Click

By going digital, Driva has been able to tick off on a whole range of business processes – from meeting compliance rules to delivering efficient self-service options. And the team continues to explore more ways to excel on the digital front.

For example, they recently adopted Docusign Click to automate more business processes. With Docusign Click, a business can quickly and easily capture consent to agreement terms – like terms of service and privacy policies – with a single click of a button. 

As Michael explains, Docusign Click has helped remove one of the last manual steps in the loan process when liaising between customers and lenders. “Our loan approval process requires a privacy policy so we can share information with the lender. Prior to integrating the Click API from Docusign, it was a pretty manual process – once a customer provided details and uploaded documents, we’d manually send them a privacy policy to sign. While this policy was in Docusign, there was a bit of a lag. Now, it’s completely built into our customer portal – all automated and shared directly with the lender.” 

Exceeding customer expectations

“Everything we’re trying to do at Driva is about improving the customer experience. Anything that can help customers get assessed and approved for a car loan faster will help us be better than our competitors,” says Michael. This is where Docusign comes in. “It allows us to be way more efficient.” 

With traditional brokers still grappling with the back-and-forth of paper-based loan forms, Driva has carved a real point of difference in the market. Their self-service approach, which involves an easy-to-use web form and automation at every step, puts Driva’s customers in the driver’s seat and creates a much better experience for all.

And the Driva team certainly won’t be putting the brakes on any time soon. “We’re focused on making more of our processes and ancillary offerings as efficient and automated as possible, which will no doubt involve Docusign,” said Michael.


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