Announcing the Docusign Agreement Cloud: 2020 Release 2

We’re excited to announce the Docusign Agreement Cloud: 2020 Release 2, delivering new capabilities that help accelerate your business, from wherever you’re conducting it. Here’s Docusign’s SVP of Engineering Tom Casey to tell us more:

 Use AI to manage and analyse all your agreements

According to Forrester, 46% of organisations say a top challenge is searching and detecting problematic contract language. With Docusign Intelligent Insights, you can search and analyse contracts for both risk and opportunities in a fraction of the time of manual processes. Review times can be reduced from months to days—for example, a global aviation supplier reviewed over 25,000 agreements in just five days as part of a corporate restructuring.

Intelligent Insights does this by incorporating AI and machine learning to extract contract clauses and terms so you can search and analyse by legal concepts, allowing you to uncover risks, issues, and trends that keyword searches would miss. It centralises access to contract data—whether from Docusign eSignature, other enterprise systems, or file repositories—enabling smarter management of completed agreements.

To further enhance the power of Intelligent Insights, you can leverage Insight Accelerators. These add-on modules have pre-built AI models to automatically analyse agreements for clauses and terms relevant to specific topics (e.g. Data Privacy, LIBOR, Brexit). As part of our response to COVID-19, we’re now including a new Insight Accelerator called Catastrophic Event for all Intelligent Insights customers. This accelerator has models finely tuned to analyse supply-chain and other agreements for risks related to natural disasters, including pandemics. 

Securely validate a signer’s identity

Last year, we launched Docusign ID Verification, which automatically verifies a signer’s government-issued ID or European eID on any device, anywhere, for faster, more secure agreement completion. We’re making ID Verification even better with new enhancements for admins, senders, and signers. First, senders will be able to manually verify the identity of the signer if the ID is not automatically recognised. In this case, ID Verification will capture the photo of the ID and notify the sender to validate the ID manually. Once the sender validates the ID, the signer can then access the envelope. Second, if the Docusign admin allows, signers will only need to go through the ID verification process once per envelope. After the first successful ID verification, signers can access the agreement at any time until the envelope expires, without having to resubmit their ID for verification (available later this month). 

Easily generate complex sales quotes 

Docusign Gen for Salesforce lets sales reps automatically generate agreements with a few clicks from Salesforce. Since it’s initial release, Gen has supported the quote generation use case. However, the most recently released functionality enables more complex quote generation. This is valuable for organisations who struggle to quickly produce accurate, complex sales quotes that involve customised tables and formatting. New advanced quote generation capabilities include the ability to create quotes for multi-year subscriptions, automatically format currency based on the user’s locale, and insert documents into a quote based on Salesforce business rules. 

Create agreement workflow in minutes

Workflow Templates are the latest feature enhancement for Docusign CLM (Contract Lifecycle Management), which helps organisations streamline their agreement lifecycle by automating manual tasks and orchestrating complex workflows. Workflow Templates allows business users to quickly configure common contract processes such as approvals, redlining, signature, and routing. These contract processes can be set up in just minutes and without extensive training. (Targeting August) 

We hope you enjoy the new capabilities in Docusign Agreement Cloud: 2020 Release 2. For further details, please see the release notes.


Docusign Contributor