Discover how simplifying your agreements can speed up your success

In the cut-throat world of business, time is money. The more time you can spend on growing your business and winning new customers, the faster you will get to where you want to be. And the faster you move, the less likely that your competitors can keep up.

With speed of the essence, you need to ask yourself this: is the pen-and-paper approach to completing your business agreements slowing you down? Are you being held back by the inefficient effort of manually generating your sales contracts, employment offers, loan documents, invoices and other agreements that your business relies on, day to day?

The old way of doing business

Traditionally, getting a signature on business agreements involves a complicated combination of printing, scanning, faxing, emailing and/or couriering the document. These are all manual processes that take up time.

Depending on the agreement, it might involve scheduling a meeting in an effort to pin down a busy manager. Or driving across town to sit with a customer while they sign. It’s a big effort but understandable when the alternative is to put a pause on business for days or weeks – the average time it takes to turn around paper agreements.

And what about all those agreements that get filled out incorrectly, or with a signature in the wrong place? You have to start the agreement process again, sending the not-in-good-order document back for completion a second time. This is a frustrating but common scenario, with 25% of all paper agreements not-in-good-order.

The new way to do business

Paper-based systems of agreement are slow and inefficient. The more signatures that need to get collected, the more inefficient it becomes. There is a better way than the traditional ink signature.

Modernising your agreement processes with electronic signature capabilities can immediately accelerate business and give your customers the convenience they crave. Fast and simple to implement by integrating with your core business systems, eSignatures do away with the laborious, time-intensive processes of chasing people to sign on the dotted line.

For example, Australian business Local Measure improved turnaround times by 70% after adopting electronic signatures. Its sales reps are also saving one hour per contract, adding up to a significant productivity boost.

Whether it’s signing up new customers or procuring new tools to grow your business, getting important contracts and agreements signed faster will amplify the benefits to your business.

Choosing your eSignature solution

With the case for eSignatures clear, how do you choose a solution that’s right for your business? In keeping with the ‘speed’ theme, you’ll want a solution that’s quick and easy to implement. But, importantly, your eSignature solution should also offer:

  • Secure, tamper-proof documents
  • Full visibility into sign-off processes
  • Automated workflow, including daily reminders for signatories
  • Connectivity to your existing systems
  • Legality and acceptance wherever you do business
  • Document retention and compliance options, including audit trails

Docusign delivers. Talk to us today about how Docusign will significantly speed up your business processes and help you realise success.

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