[Customer Spotlight] Local Measure gains new scalability with 99% paperless office

Local Measure empowers companies around the world to turn customers into advocates using real-time, actionable customer intelligence. We spoke to Founder & CEO Jonathan Barouch to learn more about the business and how going paperless has supported its global growth.  

Can you tell us more about Local Measure and what’s unique about your business?

With our location-based customer intelligence platform, Local Measure helps businesses uncover new insights about onsite customers and visitors and personalise their experiences at scale. Also, by pulling in real-time feedback from a particular location, businesses can address this feedback before the customer even leaves the building. This may mean resolving a complaint or doing something special for a customer who is onsite celebrating a particular occasion.

Our customer intelligence platform has taken the lead in the tourism and hospitality sectors with customers including Qantas, Accor Hotels, and other world leading brands.

Why is doing things digitally important for a business like yours?

We’ve grown rapidly since we started in Sydney back in 2012. We now have a team of 50 and offices in Miami, London, Singapore, and Dubai. Digitising our processes helps us maintain this accelerated pace and scale our operations. We also use technologies like Docusign, Salesforce, and Google to keep business moving while operating across different time zones and geographies.

What led you to partner with Docusign?

We had no standard processes in place when it came to finalising contracts and renewals. They were sent out by email, fax, or post and we’d have no visibility as to whether they’d been received. There was a lot of time lost in handling the documents and following up.

We needed to streamline this process in order to scale and Docusign was a brand we could trust. We were also already automating a lot of our processes with Salesforce and, with the Docusign for Salesforce API, we could take things one step further and create a fully integrated workflow.

How has this helped accelerate business?

With a few clicks in Salesforce, we can automatically generate contracts and send them out for signature. Once signed, the documents are attached to a customer’s record and we can trigger new workflows around accounting.

Operating this way means we can scale our business without being slowed down by paper. It’s also removed the risk of contracts going missing or being left on a desk for a week while someone’s on holiday. The audit trail within Docusign provides a complete view of contracts and where they’re at in the signing process.

We’ve also found that signing digitally is much easier for customers who can complete contracts anytime, anywhere. Most of them sign within the first 48 hours.

What’s been most surprising in taking your business paperless?

We have many customers who operate in places where it’s not uncommon for contracts to be posted with company stamps and seals, and yet we’ve not found any hesitation from them in transacting digitally. Even some of our largest contracts are signed almost instantly by CEOs using the Docusign mobile app. This has supported our efforts to remove paper and made it easier to scale. We’re 99% paperless now and want to remove paper wherever we can.

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