Build a better business case for eSignature with these value-drivers

Thinking about starting out with eSignature? Wanting to use it in new or different ways within your business? Getting new tools and technologies across the line can be hard, especially in today’s tough economic climate. Never fear. We’ve got you covered with tangible bottom-line benefits and specific details of how eSignature can lead to cost savings, productivity gains, reduced risk and so much more. 

Our comprehensive new eBook on measuring the value of eSignature combines data from commissioned industry surveys, internal pricing and usage reports, qualitative interviews and more – to give reliable, actionable answers to some of the most common questions you’re likely to get asked.

So, if your finance peeps are breathing down your neck asking for numbers, then this eBook is for you. Or, if you’ve got decision-makers worried about the ease or speed of implementation, or the impact on users across the business, again you’ll find the answers you need.

We’ve asked the big questions

Drawing on interviews with eSignature users and data collected over years of providing eSignature services, the eBook answers pretty much every question being asked today about the value of eSignature, including:

  • What general outcomes should I expect from eSignature?
  • How long does eSignature implementation take?
  • When will I see a return on eSignature investment?
  • How fast are electronic signatures?
  • How do faster signatures turn into revenue?
  • Which hard costs can be reduced with eSignature?
  • How does eSignature affect my customers?
  • Are eSignatures as secure as ink-and-paper signatures?
  • How do employees respond to eSignature?
  • Is now the right time to invest in an eSignature tool?

And we deliver detailed answers

It’s one thing to ask the right questions. It’s another thing entirely to be able to go back to your management team with tangible proof of eSignature’s cost-saving capabilities or its ability to enhance employee performance. 

For example, if you need to prove ROI of eSignature, pop these impressive figures in your business case: 

  • Almost three in four respondents (73%) realise ROI in less than three months.
  • By six months, 90% see a return. 

Or, in terms of impact on sales:

  • 66% of eSignature users say the technology positively impacts sales revenue.
  • And, on average, sales teams see revenue weeks or even months faster after they’ve adopted an eSignature solution.

When it comes to dollar savings, the hard costs are easy to add up, with the report finding that most teams save between $4-10 per document. In fact:

  • Docusign customers reduce hard costs by an average of 56%.

And when it comes to improving the customer experience, going digital is a clear winner:

  • 73% of organisations that adopt eSignature say that customer satisfaction has improved.

These hard-hitting stats only scratch the surface of all the business and bottom line benefits that come with adopting eSignature. So whether you need to demonstrate the impact of digitalisation on employee satisfaction and productivity, or calculate just how much you’ll save per agreement, our eBook should have you covered with reliable estimates and concrete answers to the big questions around eSignature.

Can’t find the answers you need? If you still have questions or need more data to take the next step with eSignature in your business, get in touch. We’d be happy to help.