5 ways using paper-based processes kill business growth

In such a technology-centric society, Australian businesses that aren’t offering digital services your customers want, need and expect are putting their success at significant risk.

It’s no longer businesses who dictate to customers. Access to and innovations in technology, has turned the tables, and It’s now the customers who have the power in the buying relationship.

1. The people have spoken: RIP paper

85% of Australians now demand that businesses offer them electronic methods of signing agreements and purchasing products, which is no surprise. Who wouldn’t want speed, convenience and security? RIP paper!

2. Digital is mightier than paper

If given the choice, 55% of people claim they would rather deal with an organisation that offers digital capabilities for completing transactions over one that doesn’t. And guess what? Australians do have a choice. If you’re shunning digital, your customers will simply take their business elsewhere.

3. Appearances do matter

No business wants to be seen as behind the times and in the digital age, nothing speaks to being ‘old skool’ as much as using paper. 56% of people feel that companies requiring them to complete paper forms are outdated and half that number simply say you are inconveniencing them.

4. Paper is problematic

Think of the last time you received a paper agreement, you had to sign, copy it, and send it back. Even if you scanned and sent it via email, the process was still a hassle. 72% of customers have had problems in completing a transaction over the last 12 months because of issues linked to paper and manual processes. User-friendly services, such as electronic signatures, are at the heart of a customer centric business and paper is clearly not user-friendly.

5. Lost in transit

In a world where even simple purchases, like taxis, pizza and online shopping can be tracked in real time, it is not surprising 53% of us are no longer happy sending important documents by snail mail. Worry about lost documents or the sharing of our sensitive data are just some of the causes for concern.

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