3 reasons why Docusign is geared to support Australian government

At last count, there were more than 5,000 different forms on Australian government websites. From tax forms to pet registration and everything in between, citizens have to click on PDFs, download and print them, sign them and then scan or post back to the relevant agency.

It’s an inconvenient process for anyone having to use these services but luckily one that can be easily improved.

Across all levels of government, there is a huge opportunity for agencies to transform the way their agreements are prepared, signed, acted on and managed.

The good news? Government agencies can use the Docusign Agreement Cloud to digitise end-to-end agreement processes – from simple documents like a personal tax return to more complex agreements like applying for government assisted housing. It’s also ideal for helping those with special needs to interact with forms in an easy and accessible way.

Here are three compelling reasons why Docusign is such a great fit for the Australian Government.

1. Docusign is hosted in local Australian data centres

Docusign’s Australian environment is certified to the same global standards for uptime and availability that Docusign has established in other countries. Things like ISO 27001 certification, 99.99% availability, SSAE security and privacy standards, PCI DSS compliance and bank grade security are a given.

Docusign is also certified under the Federal Risk and Authorisation Management Program (FEDRAMP), a US government-wide program that provides a standardised approach to security assessment, authorisation and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services used by US government agencies

2. Docusign is IRAP assessed

Docusign is the only eSignature provider to have our service assessed under IRAP (the Information Security Registered Assessors Program). IRAP ensures that the controls set out by the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) are adhered to, and that technology services like ours are of high quality and align to the security standards required by Federal Government.

An IRAP assessment is required as part of the Secure Cloud Strategy, as outlined by the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA), and enables government agencies to perform their own independent assessment of solutions like Docusign to ascertain if they are fit for use with their agreements.

Government agencies now have the assurance that Docusign has completed the due diligence to meet their security and compliance requirements; and they can use our IRAP assessment to give the green light to digitise their out-of-date agreement processes.

3. Docusign is on the Cloud Services Panel

The Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) has appointed Docusign to its Cloud Services Panel, which makes it easier for government agencies to procure our services. Our appointment to the Panel reinforces the hard work that Docusign has done to build highly secure and trusted services that government agencies can use to modernise and transform citizens’ experiences.

In this age of the digital citizen, people expect the ability to complete tasks through channels that deliver speed, convenience and personalisation. It’s now up to the Australian Government to deliver. From Local Councils through to the largest Federal Government agencies, there’s a huge opportunity to turn those thousands of paper-based forms into digital agreements that people can complete with ease on any device.

The Docusign Agreement Cloud is quick and easy to integrate with current systems. With hundreds of pre-built integrations with the most common systems already in use, deployment can be completed in hours rather than weeks.

No matter your needs, Docusign is here to support the region and to support the government. To find out more, visit the Docusign Government Solution page.

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