3 customers share their experiences of tech transformation with Docusign

ICYMI, we’ve just posted a blog that summarised a recent webinar we held in partnership with Salesforce, exploring the accelerated adoption of tech in business. But guess what? We only told part of the story in that blog. We saved the best for now.

Today, we’re delighted to share the stories from three businesses who joined us in the webinar. Prospa, Maths Pathway and Shootsta all operate in different industries, but they have one thing in common – the experience of what can be achieved when Docusign and Salesforce come together.

Time is money for Prospa’s customers

Alison Binskin is Head of Business Enablement at Prospa, Australia’s leading online lender to small business. Prospa’s mantra is to provide quick, easy and readily available cash flow products and solutions that enable small businesses to grow, run and pay. 

To deliver on this goal of quick, easy access to finance, Prospa has used Salesforce and Docusign since its inception over six years ago. “Back in the earliest days, we had to talk customers through the concept of eSignatures – only around 30% of them were willing to use it. Now, 100% of our customers execute their documents electronically,” said Alison.

The speed and convenience of electronic signatures makes a huge difference to Prospa’s customers. “Imagine a tradie who’s working on-site. He gets a message from us saying he’s been approved for a $50,000 loan. He can then sign the loan on his phone then and there, and get the money straight away. That’s our differentiator – quick access to funds, in a really frictionless way,” said Alison.

Prospa uses Docusign across all areas of the business, not just new loans. For example, when they wanted to give small businesses payment relief during Covid-19, it was done with a support phone call and the real-time signing of an adjustment contract while on the phone. Now that’s customer service.

A big benefit, Alison reckons, is customer conversion. “It’s one thing to convert a lead into an application, but application to settlement is another conversion point. Together, Docusign and Salesforce drive a 70% conversion rate for new business and 82% for repeat customers – this is incredible.”

The numbers add up for Maths Pathway

For the team at Maths Pathway, a business committed to transforming maths education in Australia, being a digital-first company means putting the customer front and centre in the digital experience. Other benefits of going digital – like time savings and cash flow gains – come as a big bonus.

Laura Marinesco, Sales and Marketing Director at Maths Pathway, said that creating a more enjoyable customer experience was the main impetus for moving to Salesforce and Docusign. “Before, our onboarding process for new customers was extremely slow and manual, and often created friction. Add to that, deals could take up to a year to close, which affected cash flow,” she said. “It was not a great experience for employees or customers.”

It all changed for the better when they made the switch. Even the schools who were used to dealing with pen-and-paper contracts were quick to embrace Docusign. “Across the board, our customers feel very at ease in using the technology and the platform. It makes their life easier, too. We’re starting to get close to 100% usage of the platform today.”

Since implementing Salesforce and Docusign, the finance team has cut the time it takes to complete audits from three months to 1.5 days. And the sales team has slashed the time it takes to manage new customer contracts from three months to 10 days. Not only has it had a profoundly positive impact on Maths Pathway’s cash flow, but it frees up the sales and customer success team to spend time where it matters most.

Going digital helps Shootsta go global

Last, but most definitely not least, there’s Shootsta – an incredible Australian success story that helps enterprise clients create quality videos at scale. Yet there have been a few (manual) bumps in the road. When the company expanded globally in 2019, the move exposed a few flaws in its operational model.

“When we started growing across the globe, we had multiple regional teams and everyone did their own thing. It was very manual, and we struggled to centralise operations. Add in the complexity of compliance across regions, and inconsistencies in the customer experience, and we knew we had to change,” said Lauren Stephenson, VP for Global Marketing at Shootsta. 

Enter Salesforce. Brought in to deliver a central source of truth for all lines of business, the platform is delivering a seamless experience across all global teams and customers. “It has made a huge difference for our staff, with improved communication across time zones, better coordination, far less errors, and trust in our data.”

Shootsta recently added Docusign and CPQ to the mix to close off the workflow loop – and the switch is proving hugely positive in terms of empowering staff to go back to the jobs they really want to be doing.

Want to know more? 

Catch up on the full webinar on-demand now or get in touch with Docusign to discover how your business could realise benefits like those gained by Prospa, Maths Pathway and Shootsta.

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