11 ways that going mobile can boost your bottom line

Mobile workers are everywhere. At beachside bars in the tropics, tapping away at their laptops. In coworking spaces, perched on stools. In home offices and local cafes, busily liaising with co-workers on the other side of town. More organisations are realising the benefits of providing employees with the opportunity to work from anywhere … and so they should.

According to Deloitte, businesses that use mobile devices efficiently are more likely to improve their competitiveness. For some, “mobile will enable entire business models to be reinvented and industries to be disrupted fundamentally.” No wonder that Citrix estimates the number of companies enabling a mobile workforce will rise to 70% by the year 2020.

The mobile workforce is here to stay. Thanks to cloud innovations and impressive productivity apps, you can effectively get work done from anywhere. You can connect with company information and systems, and access all the data you need to make smart business decisions.

Phonecalls just the tip of the iceberg

Face-to-face interactions still have their place in building and maintaining those valuable working relationships we all need for business to thrive. But, really, the majority of work can be completed remotely. Here are some of the most productive things you can do on your mobile, on-the-go:

  1. Manage timesheets and track employee hours using a timesheet app
  2. Allocate tasks to staff or contractors, and monitor performance
  3. Access and review business and company data, such as real-time sales information
  4. Check stock levels and place orders from suppliers
  5. Create, edit and proofread documents and spreadsheets
  6. Send out agreements for signature, including sales contracts, employment offers, loan documents and compliance checks
  7. Record and keep track of notes by storing them in one place that can be accessed from any device
  8. Manage your business’ social media accounts, including posting new content and community moderation
  9. Update your customer relationship management (CRM) system right after meeting with a customer or prospect
  10. Scan and store your receipts using a receipt management app, making it easier to complete expense and tax deduction reports
  11. Send and manage invoices

In fact, if you’re not doing these things, you could be at risk of being left behind. Setting your business up to go mobile and reap all the benefits that it delivers doesn’t take much. Just a few small changes, which will go on to have a big impact on your business.

Make your business more mobile

We’re pretty passionate about this whole ‘going mobile’ theme. In fact, we’ve written a whole eBook about it, which you can download.

Targeted at small to medium business owners, you can learn about how to effectively run your business from your smartphone by leveraging best practice apps and tools. The eBook also walks you through how to get your customers, partners and suppliers to sign vital business contracts via mobile – quickly, securely and cost-effectively.

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Still curious about mobile?

If you’ve got questions about how you can close deals on your mobile, read this article about how to sign or send something for signing on a mobile. Or give us a call on 1800 255 982 – we’d be happy to walk you through the process.