10 Reasons why digital processes are better than manual

Take a moment to think of how many documents you, your colleagues, customers and suppliers need to sign each week to keep business moving forward.  For most businesses, counting could take a while when you consider all the sales agreements, HR documents, supplier contracts and everyday paperwork.

Imagine how much time you could reclaim from your day, simply by switching a few key processes from manual to digital?

As our eBook on the Top 10 ways SMBs are creating value with eSignatures shows, it’s easy to save significant time and cost by modernising your manual processes. The owners and managers of SMBs are reclaiming hours per week to spend on more valuable business activities.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 areas in which businesses are saving time and money with Docusign. Even if just one or two of these resonate with you, then you’ve got yourself a business case for eSignatures.

1. Closing sales agreements in hours, not weeks

How many sales agreements are you waiting to close at any one time? Just think of what your revenue would look like if you used Docusign to execute sales agreements online. Companies that use Docusign report higher close rates, reduced time to revenue and improved sales rep efficiency.

2. Keeping it moving

A big hurdle for many businesses is waiting for the manager or boss to return to the office to review, approve or sign a document. With Docusign, those mission-critical documents that could otherwise hold up the business can get signed from anywhere, anytime.

3. Shortening the process to recruit and hire new talent

Not only does Docusign expedite the process of form-filling, but it also creates a strong impression on new hires – a huge win for businesses seeking to attract and retain top talent. With Docusign, job offers can be sent, received and accepted in minutes.

4. Speeding up employee on-boarding

Once a new hire has joined your business, you can get them up to speed much faster with electronic systems of agreement. Docusign minimises the amount of paper flowing between HR and new hires, and accelerates the on-boarding process.

5. Creating a more efficient procurement system

Supplier contracts can be executed much faster, as can all of the other procurement tasks that SMBs rely on daily, using Docusign. By automating all these activities, the procure-to-pay process is at once accelerated and streamlined; errors are eliminated; and businesses are assured of alignment to company purchasing policies.

6. Setting up a digital audit trail

Tick the compliance box by ensuring that all agreements and documents are valid, compliant and secure. Docusign documents are hosted in a secure data centre, with robust authentication, encryption, tamper seal certificates and a chain-of-custody audit trail. It ensures 100% audit compliance.

7. Leveraging templates for common forms

Docusign provides the ability to create templates and establish specific work flows for those documents you use daily where only a few details change for each agreement. Use of templates and consistent work flows ensures compliance, eliminates the need to involve legal in most transactions, saves time, and expedites the signing process.

8. Reducing the risk of error

For many businesses, a hidden cost of managing all those documents is in the physical shuffling of paperwork – and the inevitable mistakes that come from all this movement. Misfiled records and lost documentation can be a big cost to business. With Docusign, errors are virtually eliminated.

9. Eliminating the hidden costs of paper

What does scanning, faxing, mailing and storing of documents cost your business? When you calculate what you spend on ink, storage, staff hours and equipment - it adds up. By eliminating paper-based documentation, you also say goodbye to all these hidden costs.

10. Achieving complete visibility

As an owner or manager of a business you need to know what’s going on, at all times. Docusign gives you complete visibility into the status of any agreement and it seamlessly integrates with your existing systems like Salesforce, Google's G Suite, Microsoft programs, Dropbox, SAP and more.

Want to dive deeper?

For more evidence of how Docusign is helping businesses to drive growth and cut costs, read the eBook, Top 10 ways SMBs are creating value with eSignatures.

Or talk to a consultant about using Docusign in your business.

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