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White Paper

HM Land Registry (UK) Electronic Signature and Witnessing

The acceptance of electronic signatures by the HM Land Registry (HMLR)has been an eagerly anticipated reform for a number of years. Printing, posting and scanning documents isn’t always feasible, and since theCOVID-19 lockdown, the requirement for a digital alternative to wet signatures has increased greatly.

In response, on July 27, 2020, the HMLR announced that it will accept witnessed electronic signatures (WES) with immediate effect, with an objective of transitioning as quickly as possible to the use of digital signatures (more specifically Qualified Electronic Signatures)2. A specific timeframe around when the use of QES will be accepted is yet to be announced but HMLR has indicated that it will accept WES and QES in parallel for the foreseeable future. We commend the HMLR for embracing such digital transformation efforts and we ourselves will continue to also lean into their initiatives.

Read on for a summary of how you can use DocuSign eSignature with the HMLR in light of their guidance.