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Adopting Sustainable Business Practices: Risk or Opportunity?

The spotlight on our planet’s current state is the brightest it’s ever been. Consumers are increasingly supporting sustainability, personally and professionally. The trend is clear: consumers prefer organisations that prioritise sustainability—for better operations and a better world.

With Nielsen reporting over 66% of consumers say they would spend more for a product if it came from a sustainable brand, and 81% of global consumers feel strongly that companies should help improve the environment, the demand on organisations of all sizes to take action has never been stronger. The Edelman Trust Barometer makes it clear that businesses that act sustainability build 5.7% more trust with customers and employees. But underlying factors like supply chain issues and inflation can undermine these efforts.

So how can you ensure you’re doing the right things to build that trust, and ultimately, drive growth?

Learn how adopting sustainable practices can:

  • Strengthen trust with customers and employees

  • Increase efficiency and reduce operating costs

  • Drive brand affinity and competitive advantage