Top tips for HR managers on digitising your hire-to-retire processes

Top tips for HR managers on digitising your hire-to-retire processes

Given the large volume of paperwork HR managers handle daily, it's not surprising we hear from them frequently. They're the digital pioneers of the organisation, always looking for ways to simplify HR processes, while other departments 'tough it out' with manual paperwork.

In this blog, we share a few steps-to-success based on our customers’ experiences to help HR managers reach their digitisation goals.

Typically, our initial conversation with an HR manager is about solving a single, process-related challenge. It could be something as simple as improving the tracking and turnaround of new-hire offer letters. One of our customers, a top five grocery retailer, has revolutionised this process, bringing new-hire paperwork turnaround down from two weeks on average to half an hour.

Typically, after experiencing gains like these through applying eSignature, HR managers quickly turn their attention to achieving more cost-savings and efficiencies.

You've digitised the offer letter. What next?

HR managers are notoriously fast movers on the digital maturity curve. One of our customers, a leading global technology manufacturer, committed to digitising everything across the entire HR hire-to-retire process. Its motivation? To deliver a modern candidate experience in line with the company’s 'tech-innovator' brand. Its digital roadmap included multiple phases, built around an assessment of each HR process to prioritise it based on time, effort and anticipated gains.

Notably, the project leader recruited a group of employee and executive advocates to provide feedback at key points and champion adoption. It was a good move! Over a period of 18 months, this company successfully digitised new-hire documents, automated benefits updates, delivered a fully mobile experience, and integrated Docusign with its HR system of record, Workday.

The results were dramatic. It was able to shrink candidate time-to-hire by 70%. It enjoyed more accurate and efficient benefits updates, and most importantly, it catapulted the candidate experience into the digital era.

Not deterred by reaching its goals, the company set new stretch goals and has now begun digitising additional areas of the business, including Product- and Sales-related processes.

Feeling inspired? More tips for HR managers.

If you’re wondering how to digitise and automate more of your HR processes, here are some pointers to get you started:

  1. It’s a journey – take the first step. Your first step to digitising paperwork might be a small one. Like the aforementioned customer, you might decide that moving your new hire offer letters online is a worthwhile pilot. Once you have proven the ROI, build on your success by bringing more paperwork online and in no time at all you'll be ready to take on complex processes, with large returns. The biggest gains come from  integrating Docusign with your core business systems, like your HR system of record.
  2. Create a digital roadmap with clear priorities. This is an important step. Make the effort to identify all HR processes that could benefit from digital automation, and list them in priority order. To do this, you’ll need to assess the potential benefits of digitising each case against the time and effort of implementation. This list of priorities becomes your digital roadmap. For more information on prioritising digital use cases in HR, view this on-demand webinar.
  3. Recruit digital advocates from within your business: As with every technology project, adoption is the key to success. That's why it's important to bring users along for the journey. This group of advocates is critical to your broader digital goals, and as employees grow their digital competence, more advocates will emerge to help make your digital transformation a reality.

If you're ready to test the waters around electronic signatures, try this interactive demo? Or, for additional pointers on your HR digitisation success download our guide to the 7 Digital Best Practices for HR Managers






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