‘The Big Tech Show’ podcast with CEO Dan Springer


‘The Big Tech Show’ podcast with CEO Dan Springer

At Docusign, we continue to grow, hire, and inspire our employees to do the work of their life. 

Our CEO Dan Springer recently joined Adrian Weckler on the Irish Independent’s Big Tech Show podcast. He discusses remote working, continued growth and his leadership approach as CEO. Plus, what it’s like to hire in Dublin and then complete interviews virtually over video. Here’s our roundup of the chat they had. 

Listen to the podcast. 

Docusign is growing

We’re living in a brave new world where new hires can only meet their teammates and managers virtually, and be fully onboarded remotely. 

Thanks to technology and the company wide collaboration of our teams, it’s possible to continue running business remotely. Over the past few weeks we have continued to hire and onboard  colleagues remotely. 

In order to maintain and nurture these relationships while working from home, teams are being creative, organising virtual events such as happy hours and coffee dates. At 5pm after work, everyone grabs themselves a drink and they get together on Zoom just to chat. 

“I don’t know if it’s better or worse, but it’s definitely different.” - Dan Springer 

Dublin is a boomtown in the tech space 

Dublin is a boomtown due to its access to incredible talent. The Dublin office allows us to build an entire Pan-European operation. 

The Agreement Cloud goes beyond eSignature 

While appreciating the importance of Docusign eSignature™ and its growth potential, there is so much that we’re doing that goes beyond eSignature. The Docusign Agreement Cloud™ helps people to prepare, sign, act on and manage agreements. 

Companies are now looking to get online and enable employees to work remotely by integrating solutions that make remote work more manageable - like the Docusign Agreement Cloud

Dan notes that the acceleration of digital transformation will have a lasting impact. He predicts that once people see how things can be effective, they’re not going to change back. They’ll recognise that this is simply a better way of doing business. 

Docusign acquires Seal Software

In February, Docusign announced its intent to acquire one of the leading contract analytics and AI technology providers, Seal Software

With the acquisition, Docusign will be able to integrate Seal’s technology and value proposition more comprehensively across the Agreement Cloud - and therefore deliver greater value to companies looking to prepare, sign, act-on and manage the agreements that are critical to their business.

As one of the pioneers in AI-driven contract analytics its technology can rapidly search large collections of agreements by legal concepts (rather than just by keywords); automatically extract and compare critical clauses and terms side-by-side; quickly identify areas of risk and opportunity; and deliver actionable insights that help solve legal and business challenges.

To learn more about Dan’s take on Docusign’s success, listen to the full podcast below. You’ll even learn a little more about the man himself. 

About Docusign CEO Dan Springer 

  • Sold Responsys, a company software company to Oracle in 2014 
  • Dan took some time out to be a stay at home dad to his two teenage boys
  • Dan’s personal circumstances inspired him to put a six month leave policy in place for new parents

Listen to the podcast.

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