TeleDoctor24 digitises the healthcare system with Docusign



TeleDoctor24 digitises the healthcare system with Docusign

COVID-19 is affecting  many things, including our access to services. In place of in-person interactions, technology is stepping up to bridge the gap. As doctors regularly look for better ways to treat people, technology brings numerous advancements to the field. 

TeleDoctor24 is one of the first companies in telemedicine that can legally issue e-prescriptions and online sick leave. The company focuses on what is really important – treating patients quickly and comfortably. 

As the digitisation of medical appointments is still a relatively new concept, many questions arise. How does a digital doctor's appointment work? How does TeleDoctor24 ensure that the e-prescriptions are legal? Does it  improve customer experience?

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The digitisation of healthcare 

We have become accustomed to many digitised experiences in our everyday lives, but online doctor’s appointments remain an unexplored area for most. TeleDoctor24 is striving to modernise the healthcare system, with high expectations for its future. 

Until recently, doctors were not allowed to carry out patient evaluations if they had not seen them in person.  But, restrictions on remote treatment are easing, thus allowing doctors to evaluate patients online. For Dr. Jahanyar, CMO of TeleDoctor24, this was a positive move forward as he believes that we should embrace digitisation and its opportunities in order to make life easier. 



How Teledoctor24 and digital consultation works

Have you ever googled symptoms and been shocked by the search results that were more terrifying and overwhelming than helpful? Through a user-friendly app, Teledoctor24 provides video consultation, makes diagnosis, and issues electronic prescriptions and sick leave (where necessary) - regardless of where the patient is located. 

How it works:

  • Download the TeleDoctor24 app from the AppStore
  • Fill in your data and load direct documents into the electronic patient file (e-file), e.g. Preliminary findings
  • Make an appointment with a doctor in a specialist area or have a video consultation with a medical assistant who carries out an initial assessment. They will forward you on to a doctor from the required specialist area 
  • Connect with specialists
  • After the consultation, all the important information, such as e-prescriptions, sick leave and doctor's letters, is clearly and securely in your electronic patient file

Watch the replay of MomentumLive Europe - explore how Teledoctor24 is using Docusign

How Teledoctor24 is using Docusign 

Teledoctor24 distinguishes itself by being one of the first companies to legally implement e-prescriptions and online sick leave in an industry which has struggled with establishing a legal framework. To make this possible, TeleDoctor24 uses Docusign eSignature and Docusign Identify .  

Docusign Identify offers a wide range of methods to verify the identity of a signer. The app integrates the document signature together with the remote video identification from the ID provider IDNow. This issues a qualified electronic signature (QES) that is legally valid and corresponds to a handwritten signature in Germany and throughout Europe. 

In addition to electronic prescriptions, sick notes and doctor's letters, Docusign is also used for onboarding doctors. This means that doctors can start on the same day - a time-saving and efficient process.  

"You never feel like you are just a customer but part of "something big." Dr. Jahanyar

What's next?

Inevitably, the current restrictions will lift and life will go back to ‘normal’. But, as more people discover telemedicine consultation and how it facilitates remote consultations that are defunct of overcrowded waiting rooms and long wait times, its rise in popularity is likely. 

TeleDoctor24 has set itself the task of inspiring even more people with telemedicine in 2020 and expanding the business model, which is currently based in Germany,  into other European countries. 

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Daisy O'Malley Glynn
Marketing Communications Specialist