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Momentum 2022 Highlights and Product Innovations

Momentum 2022 Highlights and Product Innovations

At Momentum 2022, Docusign virtually hosted customers and partners to hear from customers about the benefits they have experienced from utilising the Docusign Agreement Cloud for the transformation of their agreement processes. Customers including Nationwide Building Society, commercial property agents SHB and GoCardless shared their experiences and advice with other customers. Read on to discover more of their results from using the Docusign Agreement Cloud. Customers also heard a review of upcoming product innovations in the agreement technology landscape.

Docusign CEO reflects on the past and future success for Docusign

Docusign CEO, Dan Springer, reflected on the previous year for Docusign, where our products have helped people live, work and thrive anywhere. Dan said, “We played a key role in helping people and organisations of all types and sizes respond to the pandemic. We mobilised to accelerate critical agreements needed for healthcare, emergency government services, education, small business lending, work from home and doing business remotely. Now we’re hoping to move forward in a world where ‘work from anywhere’ is often still a necessity but increasingly, it’s also a choice. We call this the ‘anywhere economy.” Where people don’t just want to work from anywhere, they want to do anything from anywhere.

CEO Dan Springer discussed how eSignature has truly become an essential service and that following the pandemic, we haven’t seen organisations returning to paper - digital is here to stay. He says, “Docusign is about much more than signing these days, our whole world runs on agreements, and Docusign exists to transform the way the world agrees from preparing, acting on, signing and managing every aspect of the agreement process. Agreements are fundamental to some of the most important moments in life and business. And we at Docusign are proud to be helping people agree faster, more easily, at any time from anywhere, with much less impact to the environment.”

Together with customers, Docusign has saved 55 billion sheets of paper, 22 billion litres of clean water and 148 million kg of waste. Dan shared Docusign’s membership of the Science-Based Targets Initiative - Docusign is aiming to reach Science-Based net-zero no later than 2050. 

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How Customers are utilising the Docusign Agreement Cloud to aid Innovation.

Docusign was recently named one of the World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies by Fast Company. Docusign’s products are used to help their customers innovate and transform their own agreement processes. In the Docusign Momentum Keynote, Violetta Martin, Vice President of EMEA Commercial Sales, introduced us to three customers who shared their success stories. Violetta says, “Every company has a System of Agreement whether they know it or not. In all organisations, you have agreements coming in, and you are generating agreements to go out. Organisations need to review them, approve them, in many cases negotiate them, and, of course, you need to get them signed.” The Docusign Agreement Cloud is a suite of applications to support the entire agreement process, to help teams prepare, sign, act on and manage agreements with over 400 pre-built integrations. Just as you need a cloud server to manage other functions, every organisation will need an agreement cloud, which sits at the core of the agreement process. In the keynote, we were lucky to hear from customers who have been using the Docusign Agreement Cloud.

Customer-focused Benefits with Nationwide Building Society 

Steve Baron and David Champion shared their story of the partnership between Nationwide Building Society and Docusign. Nationwide is the World’s largest Building Society, and David said one of the main areas that they like to differentiate on is by providing excellent customer service and benefits for members. Nationwide began the journey with Docusign a few years ago when they wanted to offer self-service digital services via iPads in branches. The documents Nationwide provided needed to comply with Durable Medium and ensure customers got everything they needed before opening an account. Docusign helped provide that initial service and has since rolled out to other areas. David shared some of the results they have achieved over the previous two years:

  • David says, “One of the benefits to our members is processing time, so for personal loans for our members, we have managed to take the handling time from 11 days down to under two hours which is a massive experience improvement.” 
  • 2000 employees use Docusign now, and they have processed well over half a million agreements, claims and contracts.
  • “We’re managing to serve people in a way that suits them, so we’ve seen more than 33% of our agreements go through mobile devices.” 
  • “In a typical month, as an example, in November last year, Docusign helped us save nearly 3 million sheets of paper being sent out in the post, which adds up to 352 trees and 120 tonnes of carbon emissions.” 

David says, “We have achieved some staggering results that we are very pleased with.” Docusign and Nationwide are continuing to work together. Steve’s advice to other customers is to, “Utilise the team at Docusign who has been a non-stop support throughout our whole journey so far, they learn about the process we are trying to fix and come up with great ideas and solutions. We work at an agile pace to decide what can we deliver quickly, and add quick benefits to showcase the benefits of Docusign.” 

Streamlining the Contract Process with Commercial Property Agents SHB.

Josh Pattison joined us from SHB to talk about streamlining their entire contract process. Josh is the Head of Technology at SHB who are commercial property agent that finds the right office space for clients, with a strong emphasis and focus on data and analytics that power positive customer and employee experiences. Implementation of the Docusign Agreement Cloud has had a large impact on both employee and client experience. The team use the Salesforce integration of eSignature and CLM and are also looking to roll out ID verification. Josh says, “Integrating signatures and contracts with Salesforce was a dream. Previously we were manually creating contracts, asking clients to print things and scan them in, some would even send them back via mail which is archaic really. The fact we could combine products to streamline the process had a massive impact.”

Josh said that in addition to positive feedback from his colleagues they had also seen a:

  • 5% improvement in their closing rate of deals being signed and closed
  • 16% increase in the number of contracts closed
  • Significant reduction in administration time for employees. 

He shared that they began by using the eSignature product - uploading contracts and sending via eSignature to clients. Then realised that with other products the entire process could be connected and integrated within Salesforce. They mapped out an idea workflow and were able to get the team to test it before rolling it out live with an almost immediate impact. Josh offers advice to others to “Break up your digital strategy into bite size chunks. You can achieve a lot by taking small incremental steps and you will be surprised at the impact that makes.”

Creating a Seamless Onboarding Experience with GoCardless

The keynote then featured a chat with Hiroki Takeuchi -CEO and Co-Founder of GoCardless. GoCardless are a payments business, they build technology on top of bank payments around the world to help businesses get paid. They work with about 75,000 businesses every month in the repeating and recurring payments space. For GoCardless, customer acquisition is a key focus. Hiroki says, “We are in the growth stages of our business and we need to think about how we can find new customers, get them onto our platform and help them be successful. A big part of that is how the onboarding process looks and how easy we can make it for customers to use our service.”

He says, “As we’ve grown, how we manage contract negotiations has become more important. Docusign CLM gives our sales teams the flexibility and autonomy to have conversations and meet the needs of our customers while also giving control over contract terms. Docusign has helped us to scale our operations not just in size but also complexity, we operate on different terms in different areas.” His advice to others on a digital transformation journey is to always start with the customer. Hiroki says, “Always start with the customer and make the process as easy and frictionless as possible. Think about the customer lifecycle from end to end, how are you going to serve the customer and get paid for your service.” 

Jerome Levadoux - Senior Vice President of Product at Docusign joined the keynote to discuss what’s on the future roadmap with live demonstrations from Mike Knott, a Senior Solutions Consultant at Docusign. New products and features include:

Launch of CLM Essentials

Docusign CLM Essentials offers the core benefits of CLM, such as document generation, collaboration, workflows and repository and is suitable for those organisations without complex or customised needs - it’s fast to configure and easy to use. CLM Essentials can help users organise and find contracts with ease. 

With CLM Essentials, organisations can turn a contract into a template that can be populated with data fields from customer records in Salesforce and dynamically update contracts with simple rules. It can save hours for sales, legal and other teams. CLM Essentials can carry over if you upgrade to Docusign CLM. 

New Features of Docusign eSignature

Docusign eSignature has further enhancements to help customers simplify, personalise and secure your signature workflows. Mike demonstrated some of the new enhancements and here were some of the highlights:

  • Scheduled Send for Docusign eSignature: It gives you the flexibility to schedule an agreement to be sent at a specific day and time. You can now use schedule sends with SMS notifications. Customers can receive a mobile-friendly notification to say a Docusign agreement has arrived. 
  • Docusign eSignature for Zoom: You can now sign, all online, without sacrificing face to face connections with Docusign eSignature for Zoom. You can start a meeting in Zoom and select the eSignature app, select and share an agreement. Then pass control to the attendee for remote signing. 

Discover more about the Docusign Agreement Cloud 2022 Release and watch the Docusign Momentum 2022 keynote

Watch Momentum UK on-demand

Watch the keynote and a range of breakout sessions to get the most out of Docusign this year, and beyond.
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