Profitable unicorn FinTech OakNorth evolves the systems it uses for loan agreements

OakNorth one of Europe’s fastest-growing FinTech companies, is evolving the way it handles agreements— and it has selected the Docusign Agreement Cloud to help.

The Docusign Agreement Cloud, with more than a dozen applications and 350 integrations, enables OakNorth to do business faster, with less risk, lower costs, and most-importantly provides better experiences for customers, partners, and employees. The pioneering bank has been fast to identify the advantages offered by this new category in SaaS computing - the agreement cloud - representing a $50 billion global market.

Streamlining agreements and reducing the contracting cycle



Through deploying Docusign eSignature and Docusign Contract Lifecycle Management, along with Salesforce integration, OakNorth has streamlined the preparation of business agreements, automated and accelerated approvals, and reduced the overall contracting cycle.

Every loan provided by OakNorthBank requires a legal contract. Now thanks to Salesforce integration, these can be seamlessly triggered from inside the CRM so that document generation and routing for signature all happens from within the system environment that is most familiar to employees.

Equally, reporting on agreements is fundamental to delivering OakNorth deep visibility into status of each contract. Docusign Contract Lifecycle Management stands to significantly increase the efficiency with which agreements are not only processed, but stored, accessed and made searchable to help meet compliance requirements.


All of these factors combined will allow us to further increase the speed at which we’re able to execute client transactions. This latest agreement is another example of how we’re continuing to push the envelope on what is possible for our borrowers."

-- Amir Nooriala, Chief Operating Officer at OakNorth.

Increasing efficiency in the cloud

OakNorth has recently been recognised as one of Europe’s most valuable FinTech companies with its rising profits and funding to date setting it apart from its competitors. We are excited to provide OakNorth with a scalable solution in the Docusign Agreement Cloud to help increase efficiency and maintain full visibility over its agreements as it moves forward as a business.

-- Ronan Copeland, vice-president of Commercial Sales EMEA at Docusign.

If you're looking for more information on bringing business agreements into the cloud, take a look the this overview of the Docusign Agreement Cloud.