How to: Save time on admin - Integrate with Tools you are already using

Are you looking at how to save time on business administration tasks? Admin can be a frustrating part of any role, and it’s essential to remove or reduce administrative tasks and paperwork to improve productivity. Automating administrative tasks and integrating new technology and software into the systems you already use is a positive way to save time on admin and increase productivity. Helping employees reduce the amount of administrative tasks from their role can also free them up for more strategic or skill-based work. According to The State of Systems of Agreement Survey of 954 technology purchasing decision-makers by Forrester Consulting, commissioned on behalf of Docusign, organisations spend a significant amount of time manually inputting information from one system to another. 

  • 61% said that they had to rework agreements due to errors from manually transferring data such as customer or product information from other systems. 
  • 55% said they had to manually add data to contracts that already exist.

Administrative tasks often take up a considerable chunk of workers time, and duplicating effort across systems is simply a waste of effort. Read on to discover how Docusign can integrate with the tools and software you are already using. 

Electronic Signature Integrations

Electronic signature software can radically improve the contract signing process for today’s employees and customers, allowing contracts and approvals to be signed anywhere, anytime, on any device. One of the most efficient ways to use Docusign eSignature is to send, sign and create actions from the software your employees are already using. Docusign already integrates with some of the most popular technology solutions available - it has more than 350 pre-built integrations. Here are some of the leading organisations that already integrate with Docusign eSignature:

>Docusign for Microsoft - Docusign eSignature is available within Microsoft applications. So you can send and sign documents from Word, Outlook, SharePoint, Dynamics 365, Flow, Windows and now Microsoft Teams. Discover how to sign a document electronically in Word.

>Docusign for Google - Docusign is the only e-Signature solution recommended for Google Workspace. You can download Docusign to your Chrome browser so that you can get instant access to documents. You can also use Docusign eSignature with Google Drive, Gmail and Docs. Learn how to get started with the Docusign eSignature Google integrations and find out how to sign a document in Google Docs and how to send documents using Google Drive and Gmail.

>Docusign for Salesforce - your team, can prepare, sign, act on and manage NDA’s, quotes, proposals and contracts without leaving Salesforce. The integration allows your team to merge customer, product and pricing information to generate sales documents. 

>Docusign for Apple - you can easily drag and drop attachments using your Apple iOS devices, and it seamlessly integrates eSignature into your favourite iOS apps. 

>Docusign + WorkDay - organisations can quickly accelerate the automation of HR processes and reduce administrative tasks. Users can effortlessly manage the signature process without ever leaving WorkDay. 

>Docusign for Slack - if your team uses Slack, you can directly send and sign agreements right from where your teamwork happens without having to switch apps. Find out how to use eSignature with Slack.

>Docusign for SAP - you can use the pre-built integrations for electronic signatures within the SAP products you use every day. SAP is one of the world’s leading software producers for managing business processes, and Docusign is officially a SAP Solution Extension (SOLEX) partner. 

There are hundreds of other pre-built integrations with software you and your employees already use. Discover more about the powerful partner solutions available with Docusign.

Docusign APIs

Docusign APIs allow developers to integrate Docusign eSignature into a website, app or workflow. Docusign has a Developer Centre that can help guide you along every step toward integration. Thousands of leading businesses have already integrated their apps with the Docusign platform, including Netflix, Uber, Santander, AstraZeneca and more.

Docusign eSignature REST API

The Docusign eSignature API won the “DEVIES Best in innovation in API Service" award in 2019 and can integrate eSignature into online application forms in minutes based around a model of 5 core objects, including Documents, Envelopes that can be created from a Template, Recipients and Tab objects. You can request signatures, automate forms, take payments and track documents directly using this API.

Docusign Click API

If you need to capture consent to comply with privacy policies, data protection or terms and conditions, it’s easy to do so with Docusign Click. The Docusign Click API helps you integrate consent, and approval can be given with one click. 

Docusign Admin API

The Docusign Admin API allows you to automate user management within your existing systems and manage users’ permissions in a single user interface. 

ID Evidence API

This API allows organisations to view and verify the evidence of the identity of your recipient to your agreement. You can retrieve the data, including the picture ID used to verify the recipient during the signing process. 

Discover the API plans and pricing or visit the Developer Centre to learn all about Docusign’s APIs..  

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