How to Maximise your Enterprise Technology Investment

Do you work for a large organisation? Chances are your company is already using Docusign. If you’re keen to understand how to maximise your Enterprise technology investment, read on. In this blog, we’ll cover the benefits of using Docusign across your entire organisation, why Docusign is the smarter choice for your organisation, as well as the top  five features our enterprise customers most benefit from.

The benefits of using Docusign across your entire organisation

Using Docusign across your entire organisation brings numerous benefits that streamline and enhance business processes. First of all, Docusign significantly accelerates document signing, approval cycles, and end-to-end contract management. By eliminating the need for paperwork, manual signatures, and back-and-forth emails, Docusign enables the creation and execution of  enforceable documents in a matter of minutes, even when multiple parties are involved. As a matter of fact, only 15 minutes or less are needed to complete 44% of agreements, and 1 day or less to complete 79% of agreements. Docusign not only helps your organisation save time; it also helps expedite business transactions and reduces administrative bottlenecks, leading to improved productivity and faster decision-making.

Secondly, Docusign ensures enhanced accuracy, security and compliance throughout the organisation. Its advanced features, such as automated workflows and predefined templates, enable standardised processes, reducing errors and ensuring consistency in documentation. Docusign also maintains a comprehensive audit trail for each document, capturing every step of the signing process and providing a robust record of approvals and agreements. This level of transparency improves compliance with regulatory requirements such as eIDAS and also strengthens internal governance, risk management, and legal compliance efforts. Ultimately, using Docusign across the entire organisation fosters a more efficient, secure, and streamlined agreement management environment.  

People would search their email inbox looking for the last email with a contract attachment, having to make sure it's the right one... We wanted tools and solutions that would harmonise, simplify and bring efficiencies.
Wei Ling Lim
General Counsel for Global Supply Chain,

Why Docusign is the smarter choice for any large organisation

Docusign stands out as the smarter choice for any large organisation. Our platform’s scalability and flexibility make it ideal for accommodating the needs of a large and complex organisational structure. Whether dealing with multiple departments, geographically dispersed teams, or a high volume of documents, Docusign's cloud-based solutions can handle the demands efficiently—enabling your organisation to not only easily electronically sign documents but also digitise your entire contract lifecycle (CLM).

With 400+ secure, pre-built integrations to the applications you use every day, Docusign's extensive integration capabilities with other business systems and applications enhance workflow automation, productivity and maximise your current tech stack investment. By seamlessly connecting with popular tools such as Salesforce, Microsoft Office 365, and SAP, organisations can streamline their processes, reduce manual data entry, and eliminate the need for duplicate data storage.

It doesn’t stop here. We all know that maintaining high security levels is crucial for any company, and especially for large ones. That’s the reason why Docusign offers highly robust security measures with advanced encryption protocols, tamper-proof digital signatures, and comprehensive access controls—protecting your information and ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of any agreement. 

Finally, Docusign provides valuable analytics and reporting capabilities that offer insights into document activity, bottlenecks, and performance metrics. This data-driven approach empowers organisations to identify areas for improvement, optimise processes, and make informed decisions based on real-time information. Plus, we are now bringing generative AI to contracts and agreements.

The Top 5 Enterprise features our customers most benefit from 

Our customers have chosen Docusign—for multiple reasons. We’ve listed here the top five  product features that our customers have reported being a must:

  1. Access Management: With Single Sign-On (SSO), it’s easy to provision new users and enforce secure access management across all corporate applications. 
  2. Organisation Management: A company with multiple Docusign accounts must manage accounts and users from within each account. This siloed structure requires repeating configuration changes and user updates for all affected accounts, which can lead to errors and inconsistent implementation across the company. With Docusign Admin, your company gains instant visibility and control over domains and identity management (for SSO), accounts, and users from a centralised location.
  3. Web Forms: With the new Docusign feature Web Forms, you can now capture data from fillable forms and dynamically populate content into agreements for signature. It’s a no-code solution that can be implemented quickly, empowering form creators to easily build and maintain their forms without relying on internal IT resources. 
  4. Bulk Send: Docusign’s Bulk Send feature helps organisations easily share standardised documents with multiple recipients, thereby saving time, cutting costs and dramatically improving the customer experience. 
  5. Custom Branding: Your customers should know who they are transacting with. Docusign seamlessly fits into your workflows and transactions; we think it should fit your company's brand too. With Docusign, you can customise the sending and signing experience with a custom logo and colour scheme. 
Our goal in the global implementation of e-signatures at Jägermeister was to establish and to maintain a company-wide standard.
Marc Hofmann
Head of Subsidiary Management
Mast-Jägermeister SE


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