5 Ways to Get More from Salesforce with Docusign

Like an oyster and a pearl, Salesforce and Docusign are the perfect match. The world’s #1 CRM platform gets even smarter and faster when paired with the leading e-signature platform, and gives sales teams intuitive tools to keep business moving forward.

It’s why Docusign is one of the most popular applications in the Salesforce AppExchange. And it’s why Salesforce itself uses Docusign extensively throughout its own business.

With Docusign for Salesforce, it’s easy to commit to digital. Paper – and even email – is unnecessary; by removing manual processes, errors become rare and both internal users and end customers get a better experience. Docusign can be used throughout the Salesforce ecosystem, such as client and employee onboarding, quotes and orders for sales and service teams, or simply whenever you need a signature or approval.

Sound good? Here are five of the most compelling reasons why more businesses are choosing Docusign for Salesforce.

1. Increase Salesforce adoption with Docusign

If you’ve made an investment in Salesforce, you want your team to use it, right? What you don’t want is the investment sitting idle. Docusign for Salesforce makes the platform even more attractive to your team.

Here’s how.  At the click of a button, sales and service teams can send documents for approval or signature from Salesforce using Docusign. It’s automated and fast – much easier than chasing paper-based signatures. This ease of use will encourage more of your team to use Salesforce. In fact, our customers have said that Docusign improves overall adoption of Salesforce by 300%.

2. Close deals quicker

Looking for a better way to meet your weekly, monthly or quarterly targets? Two of the most common processes that are digitised using Docusign for Salesforce are quotes and orders. These are the things that keep your business ticking over – you want them approved or signed fast.

Docusign can be used with Salesforce CPQ and other solutions to easily send quotes to customers for sign off. You can also send orders to your customer with a single click, directly from your Salesforce Opportunity or Account. With Docusign Payments, you can even get a signed order and payment at the same time.

3. Reduce re-keying of data

Docusign for Salesforce drives efficiency and accuracy through the smart digitisation of common processes. For example, you can integrate Salesforce data directly into your Docusign templates and document generation solution; and recipients can update and enter information on those documents, which is then automatically updated into Salesforce. Customer onboarding is a great use case here. Using Docusign, the form that your new customer fills out is automatically written back to their Account within Salesforce. No re-keying of data and a lot fewer errors.

Completed or signed documents are also automatically returned by Docusign to the appropriate Salesforce object. Docusign provides a Status object so you can easily track where your documents are at any time from within Salesforce. Clear reporting gives you visibility into the ongoing benefits of Docusign for Salesforce, too.

4. Deliver Docusign e-signature functionality to other Salesforce apps

As you build out your Salesforce ecosystem, you want to know that you’re getting the most from it. Docusign is already integrated with many Salesforce apps – including document generation solutions like Nintex (Drawloop) and Mix, quotes from Salesforce CPQ and Spring CM, file storage such as Box and Egnyte and many more. This easy integration puts you on the true path towards digital transformation much faster.

5. Take contracts and agreements mobile

If you’ve got a mobile workforce that depends on capturing customer signatures when out in the field, then the integration of Docusign and Salesforce Mobile offers a secure, sophisticated solution that gives your team the professional edge. Your sales or service team can quickly and easily get paperwork signed and counter-signed while face-to-face with the customer or prospect, with all documents instantly emailed to relevant parties.

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