Five Years of Docusign IMPACT


In early 2015, Docusign IMPACT didn’t have a name. It was only an idea with a purpose to make our business a force for good by deploying our people, our products, and our philanthropy in communities around the world

And what a journey it has been. Here are some of the highlights from the past 5 years. 


  • Employees are logging thousands of volunteer hours, serving their local communities around the world.
  • We have donated millions of pounds worth of products to organisations like Special Olympics and thousands of others around the world.
  • We have committed over $30 million to charitable good works through the Docusign IMPACT Foundation. 
  • In 2019 we launched Docusign for Forests, reflecting our commitment to helping protect and preserve the world’s forests.
  • Through our products, we are helping our customers to be more sustainable.

Our people

At Docusign, we believe that we all need to come together to promote a better, more equal world. So far, Docusign employees have logged over 50,000 hours of volunteer service on company time through our volunteer time-off programme. That’s over 6,000 days of service!

Our products

Docusign IMPACT has enabled us to make millions of pounds worth of in-kind product donations to thousands of nonprofits around the world. Organisations who are working around the clock to make our communities stronger in various ways. Our Docusign Product Donation Programme is available in over 200 countries and territories globally. It has been especially valuable recently as important community-focused organisations move offline processes into the cloud and makes us very proud to help in this way.

Our philanthropy

The Docusign IMPACT Foundation matches employee donations to qualifying organisations and global equivalents. This has allowed us to devote more resources to our employees’ philanthropic priorities. To date we have made matching donations to almost 2,000 different organisations around the world. 

Our commitment to the Docusign IMPACT Foundation also enabled us to launch Docusign for Forests and to support the work of important organisations like Rainforest Trust, The Wilderness Society, and Greening Australia who are working to protect and preserve the world’s forests.

While we are so proud of our accomplishments over the past five years, we are equally excited for what’s to come. To continue to harness the power of Docusign’s people, products, and profits. And, to continue to invest in philanthropic priorities and in our commitment to the world’s forests.

Our Green IMPACT Week in May will be our largest ever virtual IMPACT event for our 4,000+ employees. It will feature a week’s worth of sustainability-focused activities, virtual volunteering, and fundraising for environmental causes.

At Docusign, we are guided by the belief that character is defined by action and that all of us working together will make the world better. So, here’s to the future of our IMPACT together. 

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